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Michael Gross Receiving Best Act Award for Tremors 3

Michael Gross accepting the Best Actor award for his roll in Tremors 3: Back to perfection. This award was presented at the DVD Exclusive Awards in 2001.

Michael Gross wins Best Actor for Tremors 3!
Michael’s Acceptance Speech
Michael Gross wins Best Actor for Tremors 3!
Michael and his wife at the awards


At the Video Premiere Awards show October 23rd. 2001, Tremors 3 star Michael Gross was presented with the Best Actor award for DVD and VHS film release.

The “Father” of Short Circuit

A group of filmmakers recently came to our attention when they requested an interview with Stampede’s S. S. Wilson. They were making a documentary on famed robot Number Five, star of Short Circuit and Short Circuit II. But the whole course of their research was changed by new information they found. They claim to have uncovered a decades-old robot which was the inspiration for the Number Five character.

Part 1

Part 2

Graboid Turn Sequence

This is an early computer generated (CG) graboid created by CG effects house Himani productions. It was created in this spinning form so that we could study it from all angles to make sure that we had the proportions right before going to the next steps of “painting” putting on the skin texture. This was the first time a graboid was ever built in computer form. In Tremors 1 and Tremors 2, graboids were created solely with full-sized puppets and ¼ scale miniatures.

Shrieker Run Cycle

A “cycle” in animation terms is an action that is the same at the beginning and the end. In other words, it’s an action you can repeat over and over with no jump or glitch. The animators created this run cycle so that we could see what shriekers would look like when charging at Burt in the opening El Chaco sequence of Tremors 3. Notice how the shrieker appears to have weight, how its feet blur when they move, and how its head moves naturally with each step. It’s a very nice, realistic piece of animation. Variations of the basic cycle could be used over and over on different shriekers, no matter which way they were running or what size they were. Of course the animators had to create many other actions as well, such as the animals falling when shot.

Shrieker Spin Sequence

Like the graboid, the shrieker was created in this simple form to allow us to study it before committing to the more complex and expensive steps of building it in the computer. The Himani staff had to create the Shrieker using laser scans of existing models at the Amalgamated Dynamics shop. Software compatibility problems prevented us from using the CG shriekers previously created for Tremors 2.

Tucker’s Monster Undercovered

Promo piece on SS Wilson, author of Tucker’s Monster and Fraidy Cats. Produced by Virgil L Harper/Yb Productions, LLC.
This is one of a series on self-published writers. SS Wilson is a screenwriter with credits on such movies as Short Circuit, Batteries Not Included, Heart and Souls, Tremors. He is also a producer and director in the film industry.

Shrieker Turn Sequence with texture map applied

This spin sequence shows the next step in CG creature design – the shrieker with computer “paint” and skin texture added. The Himani staff created this more detailed shrieker so we and the studio executives could all “sign off” on the final look for the Tremors 3 shriekers.