Tremors FAQ

Note about Tremors 5 and Tremors 6 questions:
Stampede did not work on Tremors 5 in any way so we have NO information about it or Universal’s plans for future Tremors movies.  All questions about those topics should be sent to Universal Studios.

General Questions about Tremors

Well, we don’t really know. But it’s definitely many miles long, say 30-50 miles, and several miles wide. Some more hints about the size will appear in Tremors 4.

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Some of you have noticed that certain things about Burt’s basement bunker changed between Tremors 3 and the TV series. You are correct and, as usual, very observant. Let’s back up to the beginning.

Tremors 1 – Basement has no safe room or shooting range. Entrance stairs briefly glimpsed on wall adjacent to the wall the Graboid comes through.

Tremors 2. Our production designer Ivo Cristante, duplicated the T-1 basement – with some deliberate differences. For example, he put a repaired section of wall to indicate where the Graboid came through in Tremors 1, although, if you analyze it, you realize it appears to be the wrong wall. In Tremors 1 the Graboid came through the wall opposite the gun wall. Here, the patched area is in the wall next to the gun wall. Okay, we’ll say Burt decided to move his gun wall during the repairs. He also moved his reloading equipment and added wood paneling to the wall behind his easy chair, perhaps to make room for mounting his stuffed Graboid trophy head. He also put up all his other hunting trophies.

We didn’t see the stairs, shooting range, or safe room, but we can assume they were on the unseen fourth wall.

Tremors 3. We see the wall we didn’t see in Tremors 2, revealing the safe room, stairs, and shooting range for the first time. The gun wall, repaired wall, and wood-paneled wall are oriented the same as in Tremors 2, but Burt seems to have become more PC and removed all his hunting trophies.

Tremors – The Series. As fans have noted, the entrance stairs are not in the same position. They’re now across from, instead of next to, the safe room. The reasons had mostly to do with differences in building sets for television versus for movies. But one fan has proposed that when Burt rebuilt his bunker after it was blown up in T-3, he moved the stairs to the opposite wall from the safe room. Hey, we buy that! Seems like something Burt would do. He situated the stairs to give himself a better field of fire toward the compound entrance. You know how Burt likes a good field of fire.

Also he replaced the Tremors 3 “drawbridge style” safe room door with the sliding door because it was simpler, more reliable, and took up less room. Finally, it’s been suggested that his firing range is in a different position in the series than in Tremors 3. But we think it’s in the same place, relative to the safe room. Are we wrong? Heaven knows we’ve been wrong before.

Now, a question for you observant fans, have any of you noticed what’s different about Chang’s market in the series?

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Well, our idea way back in T-1 was that, before moving to Perfection, Burt and Heather worked hard, both made good money, and were shrewd investors. Their fear of impending World War III caused them to retire early and move to the valley for it’s desirable “geographic isolation” as Burt says in T-1. The capital outlay for firearms, fuel and water storage, etc, was large, but upkeep, taxes, and expenses would thereafter be low way out in the boonies. Since then, of course, in T-2, Burt made a lot of money killing graboids, and even more killing shriekers in T-3, so he’s pretty well set financially.  In T-4, we lay groundwork for the possibility that he also inherited money from Hiram Gummer’s silver mine.

What the heck does Burt do for money? was last modified: by

Guess they have to ride the school bus to Bixby. We should’ve put a school bus full of endangered kids in T-1 or T-3!

Where/how are Mindy and Melvin educated? was last modified: by

Graboids are neither girls nor boys. They are hermaphroditic. That means they have characteristics of both sexes and don’t reproduce in the normal male-female way of most creatures on earth.

Is there a girl Graboid or they are all boys? was last modified: by

Okay, some of you say it’s north-south, and some of you say it’s east-west. We think it’s north-south. Here’s why. First of all, that’s the way the original town was built in the Lone Pine area. Chang’s Market was on the west side of the street. North was toward Nestor’s trailer (Nestor was the guy pulled through the spare tire.)

That having been said, what does reality have to do with anything? Burt points out in Tremors 1 that there are cliffs to the north (the ones through which Val stampedes the last Graboid) and mountains to the east and west. What we meant was the north end of the valley ended in cliffs and the other got narrower and narrower as the road wound toward Bixby. S.S. Wilson proposes that the obviously non-standardized map to which Val refers is not oriented east-west, but oriented to make the long valley easier to display on a wall, with Perfection at the South (right-hand) side. In movie-reality, Chang’s then ends up on the East side of the main street.

The clincher in our argument comes in Tremors 3. Burt refers to geologic survey maps in discussing the path of the current crop of Graboids. Using his laser pointer, he says, “They’re moving down from the north, just like last time. Jasmer quadrangle straight down to Calypso quadrangle. So clearly, Perfection Valley runs north-south. Also on the map for those into topographic symbols, slopes are indicated on the east and west sides.

We have adhered to this north-south orientation in Tremors 4.

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Michael’s TV show, Family Ties, was very big at the time. The studio heads said we should read him because he was such a well known star. We were doubtful, since his character on the show couldn’t have been more different from Burt, nor is Michael at all like Burt in person! Little did we realize what a chameleon-like actor Michael is. Well, he blew us away when he came in to read, and we’ve benefited from the association ever since. BTW, any of you nitpickers notice Burt’s name is misspelled in the T-3 trailer?

How did we pick Michael Gross to play Burt? was last modified: by

We get a lot of fans asking why they can’t buy rubber Graboids and Val and Earl action figures or video games.  Some of you have even offered to help design or even manufacture them.  Others have helpfully suggested lower-budget ways they could be produced.  Still another asked if we just had a small leftover graboid in “hardened clay” he could buy.  (Sorry, the graboids were constructed full size; the clay versions are gone, and the casting molds are huge.  Even the ¼ scale graboids are pretty big.)

In answer:  we wish we could get Universal to think like our fans!  You have to believe us when we say we’re just as frustrated as you are.  We don’t control the Tremors “franchise.”  Universal Pictures has the final say over all marketing and merchandising.  I hear from sources inside Universal that the various marketing departments are expressing increased interest in our “franchise.”  In English, that means they’re recognizing that there are a lot of Tremors fans out there. Nothing is definite, but here are some of the things that are being considered at Universal: Toys, action figures, collectibles and video games.  The Tremors series is being considered for promotion in these areas, and deals may be discussed with toy companies, game designers, etc.

Universal is also planning some fun stuff for the official Universal Tremors 3 website, which should be up soon.  They might give away props or other collectibles from Tremors 3.  So be sure to watch for that site.  And feel free to e-mail Universal directly with your thoughts and wishes. Show’em you care!  Tell’em what you want!

May 2010 update: Obviously this did not happen.  We understand that some Tremors 4 props were sold on e-bay, notably Hiram’s bicycle, but have no more information than that.

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From time to time fans point out similarities between the Tremors monsters and other monsters they’ve seen in the fantasy-SF universe. Such coincidences are inevitable, but we did not work from any pre-existing ideas or artwork in creating the monsters. For Tremors, the Graboids were roughly described in the script. Brent Maddock and I felt that anything moving through the ground would have to have a streamlined shape. I had a desire that the mouth be really unusual and “open like a flower.” Since earthworms move in part by bracing themselves with stiff backward-facing hairs, we added the concept of the spikes on the sides of the creatures. From those sketchy descriptions, Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis created the initial concepts which became the Graboids. Woodruff and Gillis have an extensive knowledge of the animal world and incorporated many real-world details into the final wonderful design they executed.

I came up with the idea of graboids turning into smaller monsters (instead of bigger) while driving in the desert on a trip.  For the Shriekers, we knew that we wanted bi-peds, the heat-seeker organ, and the same fantastic mouth design. Here again, Woodruff and Gillis brought us many sketches and concepts. The whole production team — including Maddock, Wilson, Chris DeFaria, and Nancy Roberts had input on the final look. After the movie came out, one fan wrote to say the Shriekers looked very much like a bi-pedal creature drawn by a well-known SF artist, but here again, this was just a coincidence.

For a more in-depth look at the world of monster design enter the world of  Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis by visiting The Monster Makers web site!

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I had a job working as an editor at a navy base in the middle of the Mojave Desert. On weekends, when they weren’t shooting at the gunnery ranges, I was allowed to go hiking out there. One day when climbing over large boulders exactly like those in Tremors, off of which the people pole vault, I had a thought. “What if something was under the ground and I couldn’t get off this rock?”  I wrote that thought down on a scrap of note paper and filed it away.  That scrap of paper sat in a file folder for a number of years and was resurrected after Brent and I sold Short Circuit. Nancy Roberts, then our agent, told us “Now for the fun part. Get out all those old ideas”, So we did. And one of the ones she liked the best was this note that eventually became Tremors.

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Tremors was filmed in Lone Pine, CA. The snowcapped mountains behind Perfection are the Seirras. The large dry lake visible in a few shots in the climax is Owens Dry Lake. Tremors 2 and 3 were shot on several locations near Valencia, California, just north of Los Angeles.  We could not afford to go back to Lone Pine where we shot Tremors 1.  One location on Tremors 3 is the same one we used in Tremors 2.  Can you spot it?  It looks very different because we were shooting in fall instead of spring.

Where were the Tremors films shot? was last modified: by

Only sagebrush and Josuha trees. The original town was torn down soon after production. The local people contributed labor in return for getting to use the lumber, etc. Even the fake rocks we built (for the pole vaulting scene and climax) are gone. However, Lone Pine is a beautiful place to visit and a zillion other famous movies have been shot there. As for the other films: the Tremors 2 oil field office location was torn down. We thought the Chang’s Market built for Tremors 3 was going to survive. It was bought by a movie ranch and rebuilt on their land, but we’ve since been told it was later destroyed by fire. Oh well.

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The guys at ADI have a whole range of things they use, depending on how close the shot is and what we want the audience to feel or learn from the shot.  The most common items are pieces of foam rubber, nylon stockings (they make good intestines) filled with various things.  Sometimes they use food products like canned pumpkin.  All of these things get mixed with their graboid blood formula developed specially for Tremors.

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No one has ever been seriously hurt during a stunt or during a shot.  A stuntwoman sprained her ankle leaping into the bucket of the bulldozer in Tremors 1.  A crew member was in a car accident, but that was not on the set.  We are extremely careful and make sure that everyone on the crew is constantly informed of the dangers.  One thing we’ve always worried about is someone falling into the deep pits we must dig for the graboids.  One the pits are covered they look just like natural ground.  So we keep them roped off with construction cones and police tape until just before we’re ready for a shot.

Has anyone ever been hurt during the shooting of a Tremors movie? was last modified: by

Partly by tradition, most directors don’t do sequels to their own movies. Sequels usually have lower budgets (as was the case with Tremors 2 and 3) and if the first film was a hit, the director has many offers to do bigger movies (as Ron Underwood did after Tremors). All three directors of the Tremors films are part of Stampede Entertainment. It’s run by Nancy Roberts and her plan was to have all three of the original Tremors creators directing. That’s why Steve Wilson directed Tremors 2 and co-writer Brent Maddock directed Tremors 3.  The execption is that Steve Wilson came back to direct Tremors 4.

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In movie reality graboids are about thirty feet long and about five feet in diameter at their widest point.  Amalgamated Dynamics has constructed only two of them full length (the one Val digs up in Tremors 1, which was only the top half lying on the dirt; and the split-open graboid in Tremors 2).  The other times you see them full length, they are 1/4 scale miniature models made to look large.  However, in the upcoming Tremors 3, we have an all new computer- generated graboid and he looks pretty darn cool in the tests we’ve seen so far!

Shriekers are about 3½ feet high and five feet long.

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This is kind of a long answer, but hopefully some of you will find it interesting.

We had the longest time and the biggest budget (about 11 million) on Tremors 1.  On Tremors 2 and Tremors 3, we’ve had much lower budgets and much less time, but we’ve also had the ability to do computer graphics which didn’t even exist when we did T-1!  (Big expensive movies of course take much longer to make than ours do).

There are four main phases to making a movie:

First we have to write the script.  It takes about three or four months to get it right.  We always do many drafts, re-writing the script at least six or seven times, trying out different scenes, ideas, lines of dialogue, etc.

Next comes what’s called PRE-PRODUCTION – around three to five months.  Pre-production is all the work we do to plan the actual filming of the movie.  In pre-production we work with a growing staff of people designing costumes, designing and building monsters, designing and building sets, finding and buying props, cars and all the other things we’ll need.  We cast the actors and hire the crew.

Next comes PRODUCTION, when the cameras start rolling.  It’s the most expensive part of the process, because we have around a hundred people working 12 hour days.  On Tremors 1 we shot for about 50 days.  On Tremors 2 we had to shoot the same amount of action in only 28 days!  On Tremors 3 we had only 24 days!  We had to do it in less time to save money.  It was hard, but we got it done.

Finally comes POST-PRODUCTION.  On Tremors 3 we have about three and a half months.  The director and film editor take all the film we shot and edit it together, picking the best takes of the action, trying different ways of cutting shots together.  Then all the sounds effects are created.   The music is written and recorded.  Finally all the sounds and music are mixed together into one sound track and we’re ready to make prints videos, or DVD.

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Okay, this answer may be longer than even die-hard Tremors fans want, but here goes.

In all honesty, there really is no answer. We’ve built Burt’s house four times, and never where it really is supposed to be relative to Perfection. So, instead of an answer, here’s another Burt bunker history.

Tremors 1. The exterior of Burt and Heather’s house was built many miles from the town location, because we did not have enough land at the town site. In reality the front door faced East. In reality, Heather looks off to the North when she trains her binoculars on the town. We used camera tricks to make it seem like you could see the town from Burt’s and vice versa.

When Val and Earl look off toward Burt’s from Chang’s roof, we did the same camera tricks. In reality they are looking East, so those point-of-view shots of Burt’s make it look like the front door faces North (movie reality), unless you assume the sun behind Chang’s is rising, not setting, in which case Burt’s front door would face South. See what a can of worms you’ve opened with this question?

The interior of the basement was built on a sound stage. We have no idea which direction anything faced in the basement, because we never saw the upstairs entrance to it.

Tremors 2. We built only the interior of Burt’s basement, not the exterior, and we didn’t see the stairs, so, again, we have no idea which way the building is oriented in movie reality.

Tremors 3. Again, Burt’s exterior was built many miles from where the town was built. This time, in reality, the front door faced more or less North. The interior was built on stage, but again, we have no idea which direction the entrance stairs face relative to the outside.

Tremors: The Series. This is the only Tremors where the outside of Burt’s is actually connected visually to the inside. In reality, I’m pretty sure the entrance stairs faced generally North or Northwest; i.e., that’d be the direction you face as you go up the stairs.

So, depending on which Tremors you’d use as reference, Burt’s front door could face North, East or South. In the series, it’s pretty definite the entrance and the basement stairs face North. Is that all clear as mud?

BTW, for the series the exterior of Burt’s compound was built on a hill barely a hundred yards from the Mexico location town site. So now we had to use camera tricks to make it appear further away than it really was. Movies are so hard.

Which way does Burt’s bunker face? was last modified: by

Underground, along with the fuel and water storage tanks.

Where are Burt’s home power generators? was last modified: by

Eight to ten feet.

How far can a Graboid shoot out its tentacles? was last modified: by

No, sorry, we just made the name up out of thin air.

Did you name the nearby town of Bixby after actor Bill Bixby (who played The Hulk on TV)? was last modified: by

Yes they are. S.S. Wilson is a target shooter and weapons history buff. He insists on accuracy. Of course, we never use live ammunition on a movie set. Blanks only!

Are the weapons used in the Tremors movies real? was last modified: by

No, though people refer to Graboids as worms sometimes, they are in fact a totally unique life form unrelated to almost anything else on earth. They do not have the power to regenerate from severed body parts (luckily!). Dawn of the Dead — Graboids?

If Graboids are related to worms, and a Graboid were cut in half, could both halves live on and become two worms? was last modified: by

This is due to the fact that the Graboid’s body is tapered toward the tail. As it echo-locates through the earth, only the hump of its back comes near enough the surface to create a visible mound of dirt.

Okay, so a Graboid is like 30 feet long. How come the humps of dirt we see are only a few feet long? was last modified: by

Well, we’ve never gotten that question before. Certainly budget is always a difficult issue on Tremors movies, but somehow I don’t think we’d feel right charging a fan to be in one. We’ve talked in the past about having some sort of contest in which the winner would get a small part, but we never have time to set it up between the time Universal says “go” and the time they want the movie done.

How much would I have to pay to get to be an actor in Tremors? was last modified: by

Well, in the envelope or not, here’s where it stands: Brent Maddock and S.S Wilson are just finishing the script (March 2004). Whether it actually gets made depends, as always, on the success of Tremors 4. It’s hard for movie companies to stop making sequels if people keep buyin’em!

An expected fan question: “Will there be a Tremors 5?” An unexpected fan question: “…don’t you think a 5th movie is pushing the envelope just a little?” was last modified: by

We’ve gotten a lot of very specific questions on the dimensions and color of Graboids, Shriekers, ABs, and now Baby Graboids. Believe it or not, this sort of specific info quickly gets forgotten, even by the people who build the puppets. The creatures are now in storage and someone would have to drag them out to measure them. However, here are some size estimates which should be pretty close:

How big are adult Graboids?
They’re about 30 feet long, six feet in diameter at their widest part (a few feet behind the head). The massive jaws and side mandibles are about three feet long.

How big are baby Graboids?
In T-4 they’re five feet long. But they start out the size of their eggs, about a foot long. The head and beak pieces are each a little over a foot long. Also, the babies have spikes unlike those on adult Graboids. They are longest just behind the beak, six-eight inches, and get shorter toward the tail, down to two or three inches. Then there are two tail spikes about six inches long (kind of like the horns on the rear of a centipede). They grow very rapidly (in about three months) to adult size. Adult Graboids lose the tail and edge spikes, but grow many more small spikes overall, for better locomotion of their  large bodies. They also shed the scale-like plates which protect a Baby G’s back.

How big are Shriekers?
They’re about four feet long and three feet high, with jaws pieces about one and a half feet long.

What are the specs on ABs?
They are just over six feet long, tip to tail, about three feet high, and have head and jaws about two feet long.

How big are the Graboid eggs in T-4? What color are they?
They’re about a foot long; a tad smaller than the ones made for T-3, due to some production issues. The color is pinkish white, but for a better look, check out the egg closeup we’ve added to the photo area.

What are the colors of the Tremors menagerie?
Here we suggest you just peruse the Stampede Photo Gallery for pictures. There are many good shots of the creatures. Many show the wonderful paint jobs by the creature FX artists. There are also people in some shots helps give you an idea of actual creature size. In addition to the main photo area, don’t forget to check Tremors 2 behind the scenes and the Tremors 3 Monster HQ for additional shots.

Okay, we give up; Universal and SciFi are never going to sell action figures. We want to build our own, but we need more info on the creatures! was last modified: by

Well, our opinion is that they do leave trails. But the trails are very subtle. Since Graboids frequent dry sandy soil, it tends to close in behind then after they pass. Most moles live in wetter climates, so the soil stays pushed up after they burrow underneath.

How come Graboids don’t leave trails behind them like moles do when digging through the earth? They must displace more sand than a mole does? was last modified: by

That is going to be revealed in Tremors 5, or here on the webite, sometime in the future if we we’re unable to make Tremors 5.

Do AB’s die after laying their eggs, like salmon, or do they produce more eggs? was last modified: by

We never thought that a Graboid’s tentacles take in air. However, it’s possible. One does wonder how a large animal like that could breathe underground.

With all the hissing they do, do the Graboid tentacles function as snorkels? was last modified: by

That’s a really great idea. However, until Tremors 4, we’ve had had very few characters, and no extras. The series would have been a great place to do that kind of casting — but we didn’t think of it!

If you make Tremors 5, or more Tremors anything, would you consider casting actors who starred in some of the classic monster movies? was last modified: by

No, it sometimes seems like they do, but they are controlled by the Graboid, like an octopus controls its tentacles.

Does a Graboid tentacle have a mind of its own? was last modified: by

No. The tentacles are for grasping, sensing very subtle vibrations and feeling around. However, they do have taste sensors inside the mouth-like jaws. So when a tentacle’s jaws close on something, the Graboid can quickly tell if the something is worth reeling in to eat.

Graboid tentacles have mouths. Do they eat? was last modified: by

Potentially it is the Shrieker stage. If Shriekers get enough food, they can reproduce so rapidly that even Burt would have a hard time stopping them.

Which stage of the Graboid is most deadly? was last modified: by

As far as is known, this cannot happen, since the albino form of a Graboid cannot metamorphose into Shriekers. El Blanco, in Perfection Valley, is the only albino Graboid known to exist at present. However, it is unclear how he came into existence! Was it an albino Ass Blaster which laid his egg? We just don’t know at this time.

Can a Graboid produce an albino Shrieker? was last modified: by

All the Tremors creatures are custom designed, sculpted, cast and painted by artists with a lot of experience. It’s pretty hard for the average fan to do all that. One way is to study books, articles and websites on special effects. Or go to special effects workshops at fantasy film conventions if you can. Fans have to figure out what materials they can afford and which ones they’re good a working with. For example, you might be able to make a Shrieker head from papier mache – if you’re pretty good at sculpting. I’m not. I need people from places like KNB and Amalgamated Dynamics.

Is there anyway for a fan to make a realistic looking Shrieker Head? If so could you tell me? was last modified: by

It’s just because we started out writing typical characters of the southwest. But when we began the series we made sure to write a number of black characters into it.

Why are there no black people in the Tremors movies? was last modified: by

Sorry to report there are no plans for any. The only Tremors Game is our Tremors 4 game DirtDragons.

Will there ever be any Tremors video games? was last modified: by

Budget. I think we wrote a scene where Burt and Heather walked through their house and into their basement, but the scene was cut, and the set never built, because we had to save money everywhere we could.

Why do we never see the upstairs of Burt’s house, only the basement? was last modified: by

Well… ask mother nature. That’s just the way these creatures evolved. Shriekers use speed and numbers to hunt, so they don’t need grasping tentacles to hold prey. ABs use flight. Also, their mouths are much smaller and tentacle-tongues couldn’t hold anything very big.

Why can’t a Shrieker’s tongue grab things like the Graboids’ tentacles? Why is it ABs have no tongue at all? was last modified: by

It may look different, but we didn’t change the rules. Honest. El Blanco’s tentacles were cast from the same molds as the original tentacles and are the same length. If you’re referring to the night scene in Tremors 3 when Burt is trapped with Miguel, what makes it look different is that they are on a much lower rock than the ones we had in Tremors 1. Since the rock is lower, El Blanco was able to reach further up.

In Tremors 1 the Graboid tongues don’t seem able to climb rocks. But in Tremors 3 El Blancos’s tongue climbs the rock to reach Burt why is that? was last modified: by

You guys¸ you know how long ago this was? Well, okay, S.S. Wilson contacted Production Designer Ivo Cristante, who fortunately has an amazing memory for practically every set he’s ever designed and built. Ivo is pretty sure Chang’s store was 60 feet (along the front) by 30 feet deep. The ceiling was 12 feet (because it had to be high enough to do the action where Rhonda climbs on the shelves). There was a two foot tall parapet (“railing”) around the roof (so the top of the parapet is at 14 feet). On the front, the parapet is taller. It goes up in two steps to about 4½ feet (16½ total). You can get a sense of how tall the front parapet is when Val puts the radio on it to talk to Burt.

What are the dimensions of Chang’s Market? was last modified: by

Yeah, we know. But the answer is always the same: Universal does not seem to be interested in pursuing those ideas.

Why are there no Tremors comics? What about Dark Horse? What about Platinum? was last modified: by

It’s a habit. Burt feels it “settles” the cartridges in the magazine, lining them up with bases all firmly to the rear, so that he’s less likely to have a feed problem, which would lead to a jam.

We notice that when loading a weapon Burt often taps the magazine (box which holds the cartridges) against something, like against the stock or his hand, before inserting it. How come? was last modified: by

Okay, at the end of Tremors 4, the townsfolk went out and made sure all the dead Graboids were buried. They didn’t want anyone to know about them, as Hiram mentions.

At the end of Tremors 1, Rhonda LeBeck oversaw removal of the two least-damaged Graboids (the one that hit the flood channel wall and the one in Burt’s basement). They were taken to the college where she was studying, and preserved as well as possible. One ended up in the Smithsonian, believe it or not. The other was sold to a casino in Laughlin, Nevada (similar to the living AB at the end of Tremors 3) and it is not currently known what happened to it.

In Tremors 2, the government of Mexico had no interest in the historical or natural significance of the dead animals, and they were left to the buzzards. Burt, however, carted a number of pieces back to Jodi Chang in Perfection. She sold them off to the highest bidder.

After Tremors 3, a number of scientific institutions collected and studied the remains of Graboids, Shriekers, and ABs.

At the end of each movie, what do they do with all the dead Graboids, ABs, Shriekers, and “dirt dragons.” was last modified: by

Yes. We adjusted their biology to fit the facts duly pointed out by the fans. However, another fan has proposed an explanation. I’d love to take credit for it, but the following is entirely a fan creation:

“So Graboids can produce anywhere from 3-6 Shriekers depending on certain factors physically for the Graboids and environmentally. Shriekers have to eat through the Graboid to get out right? But Shriekers Multiply when they eat. So is there a chance that there is only 3 Shriekers in a Graboid but depending on how much each one eats while escaping determines whether there is 3-6 in the end? So there only may be 3 in the beginning but when they come out there may be up to 6 or maybe they only eat a little each making a small opening to get out thus being only 3 in some cases?”

Since the goof with the number of Shriekers that come out of a Graboid, is it now 3-6 Shriekers equals one Graboid? was last modified: by

Very little is known about adult Graboid society. They clearly communicate, at least to signal one another about food sources. And they cooperate (to dig the bulldozer trap in T-1). El Blanco has been recorded making a wide variety of clicking noises, and will rap his beak against rocks to make a hollow drumming sound, but no one knows what this means. Thus far Graboids have not been observed fighting. Since they do not mate, it is unlikely that they have any conflict over mating. But so much of what they do is hidden underground, who is to say at this point?

Do Graboids live in a pack type society? Is there an alpha Graboid, or are they normally solitary and just congregate near a food source? Would they ever fight over food and such? was last modified: by

Great question. Absolutely yes. Graboids are unable to hunt during rain storms. Wish we’d have thought of it! It would have been a cool lucky escape for someone being tracked by a Graboid. BTW, scientists recently learned that rain is one of the loudest sounds underwater in the ocean.

Would a Graboid’s hearing be affected by rain? was last modified: by

Hmm. Well, they are there. The design of the Graboids did not change. In fact we thought the spikes on the mini-Graboids in T-4 were rather prominent. It may be that in Tremors 1 we made a point of shooting a close up of them. Also, in T-1, Val dug up the whole length of one, so we saw more of its body that we normally do.

Why don’t I see the spikes that propel Graboids through the ground as much in T2, T3, and T4, as in T1? was last modified: by

A number of design changes were made in the market to accommodate series style filming. Most notably, the front door was moved from the end of the building to the center. Space was also added in back to allow for Jodi’s living quarters. I don’t have any of the series store plans, so I can’t say for sure if these changes also made it more square.

Chang’s Market. In the movies is seems to be rectangular, but in the series it looks square. Is it different in the series? was last modified: by

No.  Each time an opportunity came up, we’d talk to Michael about it.  We’d always try to add new dimensions to Burt’s character, so that Michael would have new subtleties to work on.  It also helped that the movies are true continuations, so that Burt’s character always changed based on what happened in earlier films.  Still, truth be told, toward the end Michael was getting a little tired of Burt.  He once joked (we’re paraphrasing a bit from memory), “I’m very flattered that people keeping asking to see more of Burt, but let’s not keep doing this until they stop asking.”  However, the opportunity to play Burt’s grandfather in Tremors 4 was exciting to him, since Hiram was really an entirely new character.  He and SS Wilson had great fun discussing how Michael would bring Hiram to life; and great fun shooting Hiram’s scenes.

Was it hard to get Michael Gross to return to play Burt throughout the films and series, and then Hiram for Tremors 4? was last modified: by

Perfection is North West of Las Vegas, toward Carson City, but it’s not very near either one. Present day Perfection is nearest the town of Bixby (not a real place).  In Tremors 4, we mentioned Carson City as the closest large town (but still a long ride), since we felt Bixby wouldn’t have existed yet.

Where is Perfection Valley really supposed to be? In Tremors 1 and 3 as well as the series you say it is near Las Vegas, but in Tremors 4 you have it near Carson City. was last modified: by
  1.  We never knew about that series (we were hard at work on Tremors 1).
  2. Very cool idea.
  3. See the several other places in the FAQ where we point out that fans are more creative the studio people.
  4. Same old same old: probably won’t happen.
How about Tremors as a cartoon series? After all, way back in 1990 they did Attack of the Killer Tomatoes as a cartoon. was last modified: by

I’m not sure it was exactly square in the series, but, yes, the shape of the market was somewhat different.  Also, the front door is in a different place.  So to make a model, you kind of have to pick one or the other and go with that.

I’ve been wanting to make a scale model of Chang’s Market. I’m using the measurements that were given in the Tremors FAQ which indicate the building was rectangular. But in the series, the market looks square. Is it in fact rectangular in the movies and square in the series? was last modified: by

When you sell a screenplay (as we sold the original Tremors) you almost always have to sell all the rights with it in order to get a studio to buy it.  Once that has been done, they own all the rights to anything ever done with it ever again, sequels, remakes, spin-off, the whole shootin’ match.

If Stampede Entertainment created the movies and the series, why does Universal and Sci-Fi Network own and control all the rights to Tremors, and not Stampede? was last modified: by

Short answers:  We don’t know.  We don’t know.  No.  No.  They’d ignore it.  And it still wouldn’t help.  However, we are deeply touched that several fans have, in various forms, proposed fan-financed Tremors movies.  The harsh Hollywood reality is that studios almost never sell the rights to any material they own, even if they never do anything with it.

What is wrong with Universal? Why don’t they get it? Don’t the great reviews of the Tremors movies help Tremors 5? Can’t you somehow get the rights back from them? What if we got together a petition in support of T-5 with a zillion names on it? What if the fans all chipped in to pay for more Tremors? was last modified: by

We know what you mean.  Looks weird to us, too, sometimes.  But there’s no cheating on set.  We used the same puppet(s) in all cases.  It’s an illusion due to the fact that when closed, a Graboid’s 4-part beak is actually fairly small.   But because it can open super wide, somehow the whole head looks bigger when upright and swallowing a person.

How come when we see just a a Graboid head pop up it can swallow a human whole, but when we see the whole body above ground the head looks like 3 times smaller? was last modified: by

No, a Graboid can go faster than a human can run, but not much. They max out around 15-20 mph in good loose soil. A Graboid cannot not catch a car, dirtbike, or galloping horse.

How fast can a Graboid travel in the ground. Many of my friends think it can travel about 40-50 mph. Is that right? was last modified: by

A Graboid’s cylindrical shape has great strength to resist pressure (like a submarine does).  Also, moving deep into earth is not quite the same as moving deep into  water.  Various things can mitigate the amount of force the dirt applies.  Under the right soil conditions, a Graboid could theoretically go down several hundred feet.  The real limit to a Graboid’s ability to “dive” is that, like a sea mammal, it has to surface every so often to breathe.  It doesn’t have to actually break the surface because it can slowly pull air through a few inches of sand).  We don’t know how long one can hold its breath.

How deep can Graboid “dive” underground before it is crushed by the pressure of rocks and dirt? was last modified: by

Any animal learns to sort out the data it can sense from the “noise” of the environment.  For clarity in the movies, we show the heat signature of a human as red against a non-red background.  But what’s really happening is the Shrieker or AB is seeing the difference between the two temperatures.  The creature is actually seeing infrared coming from both sources, but because the human is usually warmer than the desert background, the shape stands out.  It would work on a 105 degree desert day, too, because the human would be cooler (giving off less heat) than the background and would still stand out.  The only time the creature might have trouble would be on a day when it was exactly 96 degrees and humans were neither hotter nor cooler that the surrounding objects.

If Shriekers and ABs have infrared “vision,” then how come the heat of the desert doesn’t show up when you show the view from the creatures? You can see human’s body heat, but you can’t see any heat from the ground, hot metal, etc. Why is that? was last modified: by

It does not appear so.  The metamorphoses seen so far don’t seem to be in response to the availability of different prey.  Rather they seem to be normal life-cycle events triggered by unknown circumstances.  However, given that the species is extremely ancient, it is certainly logical to assume each of the various forms serve some valuable purpose toward sustaining the species as a whole.  For example, Rhonda LeBeck has proposed that, since ABs are able to fly, their purpose may be to carry eggs long distances in search of new, fertile hunting grounds for the Graboids which will hatch from their eggs.

Do the Tremors creatures change in order to pursue specific prey, i.e. Graboids go after larger animals while ABs go after prey that climbs or flies? was last modified: by

Very science-oriented question!  Given Graboids’ size, it is almost certain they can’t get all the liquid they need from prey alone.  Prevailing theory is that they must obtain water below ground by burrowing down to the water table, perhaps excavating a cavity, and sucking up that water that collects in it.

How do Graboids get water? Underground? Or do they get all they need from prey? was last modified: by

Unfortunately, Tremors 1, 2, 3 and 4 were shot mostly on private land in Southern California. There is no access to the general public for most of the locations.  A small exception is the area of large boulders seen in Tremors 1.  If you drive the paved and dirt roads west of Lone Pine, CA, you will be in the general area where we shot the end of the movie.  If you’re diligent, you’ll discover the narrow spot where the road workers were killed.  Someone at the Lone Pine movie museum may be able to help you find that one.

I’m pretty sure the boulder where Val, Earl and Rhonda spent the night is a real one.  But it’d be pretty difficult to figure out now, all these years later, which one it was.  All I can say is it is probably near one of the dirt roads that go through the area.  Maybe if you drove around with a frame-grab from the movie, and a really good eye for shapes…?

The rocks on which they did their pole vaulting were fake (built by our production designer’s team) and are no longer there).

If you drive the dirt roads east of Lone Pine, you will be in the general area where Val and Earl fell off their horses and where the Graboid crashed into the concrete drainage ditch wall. Nothing remains of the sets, and we have no records of the exact locations, so even we probably couldn’t these exact spots today.

We want to go to the Tremors locations. Can you help us? was last modified: by

The specific vibration of a Graboid’s movement through the earth is very distinctive and is easily recognized by other Graboids.  Even though blind, they can readily tell friend from foe, or friend from prey.

Why don’t Graboids attack each other when they detect each other moving underground? was last modified: by

This is really sort of an Alien vs Predator question.  And we’re filmmakers, not paleontologists.  But how’s this?  If Tyrannosaurus was a fierce predator (as some think), he’d win. If he was a lazy scavenger (as others think), he’d lose.  It’d be an interesting battle, though, since the Graboid could duck under ground when it needed to; and maybe could chomp the T-Rex’s leg and trip him.

In a battle, which one would win: a Tyrannosaurus Rex or and a Graboid? was last modified: by

No. Graboids are not aquatic. They are adapted to dry, loose soil.

Are the creatures ever going to go underwater? was last modified: by

The market in the series is a different shape (yes, I think closer to square), and the entrance is in a different place from the movies’ store.  They insisted we change the lay-out for the series to give directors more options for shooting people coming in and out week after week.

I’ve been wanting to make a scale model of Chang’s Market. I’m using the measurements that were given off the FAQ which shows the building as being rectangular. But when looking at a picture of the series market it looks square. I was wondering if in the movies Chang’s is rectangular and in the series its square? was last modified: by

I don’t know the full legal answer to this.  Copyrights can be renewed by the original owners up to some maximum number of years.  I imagine all studios cling to them as long as inhumanly possible.  When you work in Hollywood, you have to assume you will never live long enough to regain control of your movies, since they will lapse into the public domain first.

How long will Universal’s copyright/trademark over Tremors remain in effect before it reverts to Stampede? Is there any chance the DVDs were released solely to retain ownership of the franchise? was last modified: by

Yes and no.  We own them in the sense that nobody has paid us for them, but we can’t use them or sell them to anyone else because they are based on characters/material owned by Universal

What happened to the scripts/notes developed for the Val/Earl series, (pre Tremors 2), that weren’t used for the Tremors 2003 Series? Does Stampede still own those? was last modified: by

I like to think they’ve settled into a American small town routine.  El Blanco patrols peacefully.  There’s a steady, but not overwhelming stream of tourists to whom Jodi and Jack cater.  Mindy stops in a few times a year to see her Mom.  Burt still teaches survival skills and worries about the fate of the world.  And even though a movie wasn’t made about it, he did have a hell of an adventure in Australia.

Since T5 was axed (again), where do you see the town of perfection, and Burt now? What do you envision they have been doing for the past 6 years? was last modified: by

We’ve always tried to treat the Graboids as real animals.  So as such, they are actually quite rare and limited in habitat.  So, contrary to over-running the world, they are more likely to go extinct.  Even a major Shrieker outbreak is not going to be a global disaster, for when Shriekers got into an urban setting, or met up with the National Guard (or Burt), they wouldn’t last long.

Have you ever thought about what ultimately might happen with Graboids in the Tremors universe? Would they fade away and stop hatching or would they rise up and overrun the Earth (or is that under run)? was last modified: by

No, we saw Burt and Heather as deliberately childless, given their grim view of the world’s future.  I admit we never thought of a child grown up before their survivalist leanings took them to Perfection.  It could lead to the complete reversal of Michael Gross and Michael J. Fox on Family Ties!

Is Burt the last Gummer? Did you ever envision him having any siblings, or maybe a child grown up before Heather and Burt settled in Perfection? was last modified: by

Check out SS Wilson’s Facebook page!

Where can I find out more about Tremors? was last modified: by

Yes, Universal owns all rights to everything related to Tremors, so it would be them you’d have to talk to about doing a stage version.  Good luck. 🙂

TREMORS THE MUSICAL?? My question might be unusual, but do you know who would hold the rights to a Tremors stage production? Does Universal own that with everything else? was last modified: by

That’s kind of like asking, “Which is your favorite child?” I really do love all the Tremors movies equally for different reasons.  Each time out we did our best to come up with stuff that was hopefully different from the usual sequel.  And each time out we were very invested in making the best movie we could.

Which Tremors film is your favorite? – NEW was last modified: by

Yes, all the Tremors posters are embarrassing.  Here’s what happened.  We convinced Universal’s marketing department that they should not show a Graboid on the poster because the movie had  a really good surprise — the first-time audience really does think the monsters are the tentacles, the “snake things,” so the real Graboids are  shocking when first revealed. Universal was not happy with that, but went along with it.  Much to our horror, then, they came up with what you see, a tentacle made to look gigantic and with goofy shark teeth.  The whole crew, especially the creature effects guys, was disappointed.  But it became history.  And it just kept getting worse with each movie, until you end up with the extra-bizarre critter on the boxed set of Tremors TV series, which even has an eye! And yes, our guess is the original was inspired by Jaws, though nobody ever admitted it.

Were we inspired by Jaws?  Not exactly (even though early story outlines of  Tremors were called “Land Shark”).  We were inspired by 50s monster movies we loved as kids.  Jaws is really a spin on those same movies, so you might say we all had the same inspiration.

Why do the creatures on the posters/DVD covers look absolutely nothing like the actual creatures in the film? Is it to just make it look more eye catching on the poster? With the long fangs and dinosaur like look? Also, is the poster for the film meant to be a inspired by the Jaws poster? Was Jaws an influence on the film in any way? – NEW was last modified: by

Graboids are not fooled by thunder.  It is a natural event and they can easily differentiate it from the sounds that prey make.  However, they are in effect “blinded” by heavy rain.  The steady noise makes it nearly impossible for them to hunt, so they just go idle and wait it out.  As to whether or not they can go deaf, you’ve touched on a point of contention among scientists.  We aren’t really sure how Graboids “hear.”  They do not seem to have ears or ear-drums, so some researchers speculate that they have some other mechanism for sensing vibration in the ground.  My personal guess is that a very loud sound would not permanently impair a Graboid.  In Tremors 1, Burt’s improvised explosives only drove them away, but they kept coming back.

What happens to El Blanco/graboids during a thunder storm? Does the thunder overload their senses? Are they smart enough to ignore thunder? Do they come up to the surface and just flop around all confused? Or chase it like a cat would with a laser pointer? if they hear a REALLY loud sound can graboids go deaf? – NEW was last modified: by

Well, Tremors 1 was in some ways the most fun because we were finally getting to make one of our original ideas just the way we wanted to.  Yeah, we were fighting crazy weather, budget, and the worry that we might screw it up, but we were in creative control!  The later Tremors were fun in a different way, because we were more confident, but also harder because we had so much less money to make them.  Really, because they were all well-planned, none was particularly harder or easier than another.  And they were all fun to work on.

Which Tremors movie was the most fun to make? – NEW was last modified: by

Uh — what?  Okay, Graboids are seriously NOT political.  Like, at all.

Why don’t you send the creatures to DC to swallow up the sellouts to the IMF? was last modified: by

All the Tremors scripts were write-to-shoot.  That means, once we worked out the stories, we didn’t do a lot of extra writing or experimentation.  We stuck to the stories and made the scripts as easy to produce as possible, including when we handed off the actual screenplay writing on T-3 and T-4.  Probably the biggest change in any of the scripts is in Tremors 2.  It was written to star Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, and to include Reba McIntire.  When Kevin Bacon decided not to do the movie and Reba was not available, we had to do a pretty big re-write to invent the character of Grady and figure out the details of Burt’s separation from Heather.

What were some changes made from the original scripts of the films. i.e. deleted characters, locations, scenes, name changes was last modified: by

This question gets into areas of legality on which we can’t give advice.  But the harder part would be getting Universal to look at it.  You’d probably have to get a Hollywood agent to make an official submission to them.

Would it be possible to write a screenplay, and have universal look at it.? Or would it be illegal as the screenwriter would not have rights to the tremors franchise? was last modified: by

Well — NO!  Graboids are an ancient life form.   After all, they existed in the late 1800s, the time of Tremors 4.  So they could not have come from the military lab that wasn’t even built until much later.

Where do Graboids really come from? In Tremors 2, you say they found a fossil from millions of years ago, but you never explained more than that. In the Tremors TV Series, the “mix master” monsters had a similar look. Couldn’t they related? Perhaps Graboids come from that military underground lab and they just read the date of the fossil wrong? was last modified: by

Kevin did not feel good about Tremors for many years.  He felt it was a low point in his career.  But you are correct that, recently, he has changed his mind.  We are very glad about that, because we think he is absolutely great in our little movie.

Why do you say Kevin Bacon hates Tremors? I’ve seen two interviews where he said he thought it was a good movie. There are even rumors he wants to do Tremors 6. was last modified: by

Not at this point.

Do you have any future involvement in the Tremors franchise, or the announced TV series with Kevin Bacon?? was last modified: by

We’re always trying to sell new ideas for movies and TV shows!

If Universal took over your Tremors franchise,will you make a spiritual successor? was last modified: by

Universal didn’t “buy” the franchise.  It has owned it from the beginning, when the first movie was made.  Universal has always made all decisions on what new versions get made and how the property is marketed.  Starting with Tremors 2, the studio felt the best place to make additional money with it was in direct-to-video.

Why did Universal buy this movie series? Except for the very first one all others have gone directly to video/DVD, Is it that valuable? Isn’t often true that big studios buy a film and the series is then gone forever because some idiot executive decides it is not worth continuing? was last modified: by

We tried to hint at the answer in Tremors 2, when Earl says Val “married a good woman.” We don’t feel they had any sort of argument.  Instead, Val went off to start a life with Rhonda.  They could no longer be partners in the way they had been, so Earl took his portion of what money they made and invested in his ostrich ranch.  We’ve always wanted to explore more of what Val and Rhonda did, but have never had the opportunity.

Did Earl and Val have some sort of falling out between movies? Was Earl resentful of Val since he made money it seems? Were they still in contact? was last modified: by

Studios don’t like us to talk in detail about budgets.  But those numbers are pretty close.  Tremors 2, 3, and 4 had almost identical budgets and shooting times.  Don’t know about Tremors 5, as we did not work on it.

according to IMDB, Tremors cost 11 million and Tremors 2 4 million. Is this accurate? Also what were the budgets of Tremors 3 and 4? was last modified: by

There are two parts to this.  In Tremors 1, we don’t think a Graboid ever attacks a vehicle that isn’t making noise.   For example, after saving Mindy, Val jumps on their truck, and that makes noise, so that’s why the Graboid attacks it.  Later, at Burt and Heather’s, the Graboid doesn’t bother their SUV until the creatures bumps it accidentally, causing the car alarm to go off.   In Tremors 2, we tried to make the point that Earl, Grady and Burt have Graboid tracking devices in their vehicles.  They are deliberately making noise to attract the monsters.  So our logic was, any time they saw the signal of a Graobid, they’d stop the truck so it would remain safe, then use their remote control bait-bombs.

Why is it in T1 Graboids would suck the trucks down and pop the tires – even when the engines were off.. but in T2 they hunt from earls truck and they never get bothered? was last modified: by

We’re not sure why these creatures would do such a thing, since they are all members of the same cooperative species.  But, that said, it doesn’t seem like a Shrieker or and AB would have any chance against a full-sized Graboid.  It would swallow them in one gulp. An AB could probably take out a Shrieker, though.

If there was a free for all with a graboid a shrieker and an “AB” which one would win? was last modified: by

We get this a lot.  It’s bittersweet, since, yes we know it and, no we do not control the franchise.  We have no say in how Universal studios handles marketing and product licensing.  Fans have had many great ideas for products.  Here’s a couple of the more elaborate ones:

“a table centerpiece, rectangle in shape, featuring the creature shapes in order, one after the other… egg, baby graboid, adult graboid, shrieker, ass blaster & back to egg… in their habitats. For instance, an egg shell in “water” as in T4, a baby graboid on sandy “soil” as it starts to disappear, adult graboid head as it rises up from the dirt, etc.”

“an AB that really blasts fire!”  (Admittedly, there are probably liability issues with that one).

Are you aware that there is a huge market out there for Tremors franchise merchandise? was last modified: by

There seems to be a theme in the current batch of fan questions: a desire to see Graboids, Shriekers, ABs and, I guess, even Mini-graboids in some sort of all-out battle.  Frankly, we don’t see why such a battle as being likely, given the rules of the Tremors world.  But perhaps one of you would like to tackle it in fan fiction?  Maybe you could show us how or why it might happen!

Can we have all generations of graboid in one film? That is, can we have a fight to the death between all generations? was last modified: by

Ah, but the eggs in Tremors 4 were laid by AssBlasters, not Graboids. You have to watch ALL the movies to learn the whole complicated life cycle. Most of it happens via metamorphosis – like when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Graboids metamorphose into Shriekers. Shriekers make more Shriekers hermaphroditically (there are egg-like sacs inside Shriekers, but they don’t lay them). Later, Shriekers metamorphose into AssBlasters. It is only AssBlasters that lay eggs — one egg each. Those eggs, if kept warm enough, hatch into baby Graboids, and the process starts over. We just didn’t see the AssBlaster in Tremors 4. In fact, we’re not sure how long AssBlaster eggs can lay dormant. It may be a really long time.

There was a question about the Tremors 1 blown-up Graboids’ insides looking like eggs, but you answered that they are not eggs, and that Graboids don’t lay eggs. Well, what about the eggs in Tremors 4 that Graboids hatch from? was last modified: by

We always appreciate these kinds thoughts.  But it would not change the minds of the powers at Universal.  Tremors 5 made enough money that they are already working on Tremors 6.  Without us.

Can you set up a petition for fans to convince Universal to lend creative control back to Stampede? was last modified: by

Graboids are individuals with different preferences.  Some are picky eaters.  Some wolf their meals.  Also, if a person’s arm happens to come off while being swallowed, the Graboid might necessarily know it, and would have a hard time finding it after the fact (as it will be making no noise).

The other answer is that in T2 and T3 we had better Graboid moving special effects rigs that could raise them up and down much faster, so it was exciting to for us to get to lift one up with a whole person actually riding with it.

Why did the graboids in Tremors eat parts of people then leave the other parts behind? But in Tremors 2 and Tremors 3 they swallowed people whole? was last modified: by

Ummm, we don’t think we’ve ever said that Graboids have acids in their blood or saliva.  They’re not like the Alien, after all.  Fans, are we wrong on this one?

How strong are graboid acids? was last modified: by

We are embarrassed to admit, no!  It never has.  And it’s a great idea!

“Life form!  Subterranean!  Tracking me acoustically!  Danger!  No disassemble!”

Unorthodox question: has the thought of Johnny 5 coming across Graboids ever crossed your minds? was last modified: by

It became something more — all because of the fans.  Tremors 1 was considered a failure until fans made it a huge success in the then-new video market.  It took years for Tremors 2 to develop such a following that the studio wanted Tremors 3.  Even then, they told us Tremors 3 would definitely be the last one.  But the fans kept renting/buying, so the studio decided to go for 4 and the series at almost the same time.  Tremors has a life of its own, thanks to all of you.

Would you consider, and did you intend, the Tremors franchise to be your magnum opus; or did it just end up becoming something more throughout the years? was last modified: by

Disappointed, frustrated, yes, but not bitter.  You shouldn’t be in screenwriting if you can’t accept that studios own your work outright and are going to do whatever they want with it. Just gotta move on to the next.

I’m sure you’re disappointed in “Tremors” moving on without Stampede, and not having ownership of the franchise anymore, but are any of you bitter about any of this? was last modified: by

If this questions refers to Tremors 1-4 , yes, we noticed.  We hired the composers in each case and directed them to come up with new music!


Did you guys notice that each installment has its own theme song? was last modified: by

Okay, this isn’t really a question, but we love hearing from fans from all over the world.  It roughly means: “I really like your site, it keeps doing it better! hi”

Thanks from all at Stampede!

Me gusta mucho tu sitio, ?sigue haciendolo mejor! hi was last modified: by

We really do try to answer all questions, but sometimes they don’t give us enough to go on.  In this case, it doesn’t even specify which Tremors movie is being referred to.  In Tremors 1 alone, there is Val and Earl’s trailer, the septic tank pump trailer, Melvin’s trailer, Nestor’s trailer, and the earth-mover trailer pulled by the bulldozer!

What brand of trailer was used in the movie? was last modified: by

Love this question!  We don’t know what movie it’s referring to, but it’s funny, so we’re posting it!

Uh, just a second here while I catch my breath… You mean to say the Graboids aren’t real ? was last modified: by

As we’ve said many times in answering these FAQs, we are impressed at the great ideas that come in from Tremors fans.  But, as long-time FAQ readers know, for this idea to happen, someone would have to convince Universal Studios to do it.  We don’t have any control over what they do or don’t do.

Any chance a deal could be worked out with home video distributors, like Scream Factory to do New home video releases of the Tremors movies with some new bonus features like commentaries for Tremors 1,2,3 or previously unseen footage that is mentioned in the book Seeking Perfection? was last modified: by

When we were doing the original TV series we were certainly considering expanding on the backgrounds of everyone in Perfection.  We hoped to explain that some of Burt’s money came from the silver mine his ancestor owned in Tremors 4.  But as we were prevented from working further on Tremors after that, none of our ideas came to pass.

Were there ever any plans to reveal more of Burt’s background or introduce any of his family members? was last modified: by

Okay, I admit it, this is not really a question, but with the arrival of the “new” Tremors movies, we’ve been getting a LOT of comments like this, so I thought I post this one, all the way from the Netherlands!

Many thanks to our world-wide fans.

I wanted to let you know that I have always appreciated and loved Tremors 1-4. I did not like part 5 and am currently watching 6, but I don’t know if I can finish it. I dislike the shaky/zoomy camera work, and they ruined the look of the creatures. They have Burt Gummer, but are missing the heart, soul, charm and likeable characters. You are all really missed, I hope you will be able to make it right some day. Until then, guess I’ll rewatch the old movies 🙂 Thank you all for creating them, I’ll always love them! Kind regards. was last modified: by

(Note: We get questions from all over the world, and sometimes the writers use English translation programs that don’t work so well.  In this case, I’ve attempted to re-translate the question from the original much longer version, because I loved that it offered yet ANOTHER fresh point-of-view from a fan.)

Our answer: as indicated in Tremors 2, graboids have actually been around much longer, since pre-history.  However, other animals have NOT adapted significantly to the various graboid stages.  The animals just get eaten, and eaten in large numbers.   That said, Graboids are quite rare.  Yes, they are deadly and voracious, as are the shriekers and ABs that follow, but their whole life cycle plays out in a fairly limited time frame over a fairly limited area, so while the local animal population gets decimated in the short term, graboids do not have the potential of causing any sort of widespread extinction.  Nature always strikes a balance.

If graboids have really been around since at least the late 1800s, how can native animals ever survive? A full-sized graboid, sneaking underground, can take down a horse or cow! Swarming, mass-producing shriekers and flying ABs hunt above ground with sophisticated heat-seeking ability. How can any animal escape this deadly group? Have wild boars, cows, goats, sheep, birds, rabbits, rats, cougars, etc somehow adapted or evolved over the years to survive graboid onslaughts? was last modified: by

Well, as I have to keep explaining, we at Stampede don’t control the rights to Tremors or have any say over what is done with marketing and franchising.   Many years ago we heard they were thinking of putting a Graboid on the Universal Studios Tour, but we don’t think it ever happened.

Would Stampede Entertainment ever consider creating an actual real town called Perfection as a tourist area? Kinda like a Tremors “Disneyland” so to speak? was last modified: by

The graboids did not travel to other continents in our time.  They are an ancient life form and “moved” only as continental drift connected different land masses in the past. South America and Africa were connected millions of years ago, for example, and shared life forms then.  We’re probably stretching the rules of biology a bit, here, but hey, they’re our monsters!  As for why graboids attack certain locations, they are simply predators attracted to noise and vibrations.  If you make noise, they attack. So it’s really a matter of being unlucky enough to be near where they are.

Why did the graboids travel to other continents and how did they? What was the reason for attacking certain locations in the movies? was last modified: by

No answer.  But it’s nice to get an occasional thank you!  Wait, I guess that was an answer.  Thanks again!

No questions, but I love the film and am impressed with your kindness for answering so many questions. was last modified: by

This keeps coming up — sadly only from fans and not studio people.  But I’ve put it on because it’s a new take.  It’s bittersweet for us to read such a well-thought-out pitch for a game.  As far as we know there are no Tremors games being considered at Universal.

I know you have no plans for a video game, but a Left For Dead style co-op game with three phases (survival/chase from graboids, shooter segment with shriekers, and a hybrid survive and shooter with Ass Blasters leading to an escape ending the map) might work really well. was last modified: by

Thanks — we like Burt, too!

Love your work. The Michael Gross character, Burt Gummer, is a great inspiration to me. “Make the most with what you have!” was last modified: by

Many fans have been asking this sort of question — and we appreciate it.  We work independently trying to get other projects going.  If we ever do, we might put in Easter Egg references or homages, since we love that sort of thing.  Ron Underwood directs many, many TV shows.   Brent Maddock and S. S. Wilson keep writing and trying to sell new scripts.  Wilson is about to publish new Fraidy Cats book (called “Fraidy Cats, TOO!”)  But we have shut down Stampede as a company.  This website is now just an archive of info on our past projects — and a place for S. S. Wilson keep answering questions!

What are you working on now, since it’s not Tremors? We don’t see anything new on the website. Will future projects feature allusions or nods to Tremors? was last modified: by

When we came up with graboids 30 years ago, you can be sure we never DREAMED we’d be asked questions like this.  But hey, I’m happy you’re all out there still wondering such things.  To be honest, when we did the series we did not have control or input over what the Sci-FI (SyFY) marketing department did.  We were way too busy getting the episodes written and shot.  I don’t think we ever even saw this reference.  However, in reading it now,  it sounds pretty logical!  I will quibble and say that shriekers and ABs look like they have skeletons, so I’m not sure the whole graboid life cycle belongs with mollusks.  But that’s probably already more than most of you want to know. Thanks for a rather science-heavy question!

Quote from Wikipedia: “Promotional material once hosted on the Sci-Fi Channel website gave them binomial names: Caederus americana (Graboid), C. mexicana (Shrieker), C. mexicana combustus (Ass-Blaster). It put them in the Sepioida order in the cephalopod class of mollusks, in a fictional family called Vermiformidae.” Is this, in any way, official or canon? I read the archived page and it gives some decent reasoning for the classifications such as the similarities between Graboids and Octopuses with their lack of skeletal structures and relatively high intelligence. was last modified: by

Our logic is that graboids have a long life span, but also lie dormant for extended periods. So when they appeared in Perfection in 1990, it was the start of a new cycle.  So they began to appear in Mexico, Argentina, and other locations.

Why are graboids starting to appear more often now, unlike the odd case like in Rejection (T4), why did they start popping up more and more in such a short span of time? was last modified: by

We totally agree with you. And, no, they’ve never said why, at least to us.

Do you know why Universal keeps Tremors (the whole franchise) in the dark when it comes to merchandise? I’ve always felt there was a bad vibe from them as Tremors is honestly regarded as one of the best sci-fi film franchises of all time. And it seems like a no brainer to have merchandise to capitalize on that via Funko Pops, t-shirts, collectible figures and comics to name a few. But Universal does nothing about that. Have they ever gave a hint as to why? was last modified: by

Thank you. We get asked this a lot in interviews and podcasts and such. We feel great about fans having made Tremors the success it is.  It is true that we didn’t think there’d even be Tremors 2.  But when Tremors 1 was a huge hit in the then-new VHS video rental business, that made T2  and all the rest possible.  We are grateful to all the fans that have stuck with us and supported the franchise, even while we’re sad not to be allowed to work on it any more.  It’s fun to be part of something that has lasted so long.

First, i wanna say thanks to you guys for bringing Graboids into our lives; I love them. My Question is: Tremors has seen a much longer, larger life than you guys had expected, and if i remember correctly, there was a time where you guys didn’t think there would even be a 2nd movie when the first came out, but 30 years, six movies, a TV Series and a 7th Movie apparently on the way, later, what are your thoughts on the life this monster movie franchise of yours has seen? And if you could say anything to us as fans for giving it such a life, what would you say? was last modified: by

In our view the tentacles are attached far back  along the muscular walls of the creatures’ very long “throat,” past the circular opening they come out of.  They can fold very compactly, like a chameleon’s tongue, but the unfolding step happens before you see them start to emerge. When folded inside, we imagine they can ripple and flex, helping a graboid swallow very large prey, forcing it back past the tentacles into the stomach.

In the first 4 movies, where specifically are the graboid tentacles attached inside the body? Is the graboid able to fit the tentacles completely inside of its body or are the tentacles too long to be fit inside the graboid completely? It’s very mysterious how the tentacles function inside the worm because we never see the inside of the throat. was last modified: by

Uh, we can’t figure this one out.  But we want to answer every question if possible. Can anyone tell us which movie this refers to? Or can the person who submitted it give us more detaiils?

What is “Blacksmining” was last modified: by

Here’s my (S.S.Wilson’s) theory: they smell like super rotten meat. Once in the army I had to carry out a huge pot of meat that had been forgotten for a long time in the back of the mess hall walk-in refrigerator and rotted. The smell was unforgettably awful. So that’s what I think of.

One of the running gags in these movies seem to be the smell the Graboids give off. Any idea what this smell might be like? was last modified: by

It’s an interesting question. I suppose one would expect that he wholly supported it. But Burt is also something of an isolationist, so might just as easily have felt it was meddling in world affairs that have nothing to do with the U.S.  So there you have it: a non-answer.

What did Burt Gummer think of the Iraq War? was last modified: by

Absolutely!  Can you get them for us?!  And can you convince Universal to let us do it?!   Kidding aside, what a fabulous notion.  It’s great to have fans that dream bigger than we do!

Can you do a Tremors remake with al Pacino, Jamie Foxx, Dennis Quaid and Cameron Diaz? was last modified: by

Well… our only defense is that we just like writing strong, smart women.  Also we try to do movies that don’t have the standard cliches.

How come no token bimbo blondes ? Nothing like a bimbo being devoured on the big screen! was last modified: by

These are important questions for any survivalist with a mistrust of government.  Our feeling is Burt would like a PO Box, but has to settle for mail delivery (at least to Chang’s market) because Perfection itself is so isolated (he’d have to drive the 38 miles to Bixby just to get mail).  By the time of the TV series he has mellowed a bit and probably has a credit card or two.  But it’s also possible he leans on Jodi to order things through her store; and maybe she goes along with it — for a fee.  Win-win.

What steps does Burt take to maintain isolation and privacy? PO box vs mail delivery? Would he have a credit card (has to order stuff for delivery)? was last modified: by

Okay, not exactly a question, but we enjoy fans thinking even bigger than we do, especially since we are barred from working on Tremors any more.  Clint Eastwood and Burt Gummer?  Come ON, Universal!

Fans fans fans…. we want MORE TREMORS !! S.S.Wilson style and old school filming like the first movie. This digital nonsense is offending us — you know — high falootin’ intellectual types; the upper crust of societal devolution. Clint Eastwood can team up with Burt Gummer and finally eliminate the beasts that threaten mankind once and for all. Title: Extra Pale Riders Usher in Peace on Earth via Worldwide Violence against Stumpy’s Offspring. Thoughts? was last modified: by

We did work with some developers on a video game.  Seems like it must have been Rock Solid, as I see references online to their plan to reveal a lab where super-graboids were being developed; and I do remember that.  We had several meetings there and saw various early animation and landscape demos.  We tossed in a few ideas, but they already had a solid concept building on things like having to be stealthy to sneak across ground and not “trigger” a graboid.  They were full steam ahead until, suddenly, we got word they’d gone under.  We heard several times that other companies were thinking of buying the assets and continuing the project, but nothing ever happened.

Were you guys involved at all in the Tremors video game that was being done around 2002/2003 from Rock Solid Studios? If so, is there anything that you can share about your involvement? was last modified: by

As I often do, I have to just step back and enjoy fan creativity.  We would have loved to attempt a film with all these elements, though  it might be a nightmare keeping all of it believable and logical.  It seems like the human characters would have to be trapped in some remote place, unable to escape, trying to survive while all the graboid forms happen, one after another — but I don’t get to work on Tremors any more, so I’ll stop there.

Could a Tremors reboot include all three graboid stages? Could El Blanco be part of the film as anti-hero type of character? I ask because it is never revealed what happened to El Blanco. But fans think he is alive since his lifespan is never mentioned. was last modified: by

If I’d gotten that question back when I never dreamed Tremors would still be popular thirty years later, I’d have said no.  He’s too much fun as a character.  Even today, I don’t think we’d do it.  But if we were the ones still trying to come up with new plots and dramatic story ideas,  and if the studio swore up and down it was really, really the last Tremors film,  I guess we MIGHT consider it.  We’d have to have a long conversation with Micheal Gross first, though, to get his input.  So, I guess…. maybe.

Would you ever consider killing Burt off if all of you at Stampede were given a chance to make a definitive final Tremors film? was last modified: by

The only reason they gave was they felt we didn’t have the experience to do low budget productions. But Tremors 2, 3, 4 and the series were all low budget productions.  We don’t have a theory about the real reasons.

Why did Universal Studios cut ties with Stampede Entertainment? I’m sure they never gave you a reason, but I’m curious. Do you have any theories? was last modified: by

Thanks for the kind comments.  We’ve been told that Tremors is actually used in some screen writing classes.  As to the other scripts, the issue is that a studio buys all rights to them forever, so technically we’re not allowed to release them, publish them, etc.  My hope is that they’ll leak onto the internet at some point (as have some of our other screenplays) , but I guess that hasn’t happened.

I’ve read the Tremors screenplay and I really enjoyed it. I study screenwriting and have learned tons just by reading that script. I’ve looked everywhere for the others, particularly Tremors 2, but had no luck. Where can I find the other scripts? Will you consider posting the others in a PDF format. I’m sure there are many other aspiring screenwriters just like me who would love to read them! was last modified: by

We appreciate these comments, though it is bittersweet to read them.  If you look at the answers to similar FAQs on our site, you’ll see that we were fired by Universal.  They do not want us to work on the movies. Not our choice.

I’m a fan of Tremors and me personally I’ve been disappointed with the last couple of movies, I was wondering when Stampede was going to go back with doing more with Perfection,NV? was last modified: by

When we were creating the sequels and series, we had fans and studio execs ask this question all the time.  But our answer was always the same: we don’t think it works — because an aquatic Graboid is really just a shark!

Did you guys ever consider the possibility of an aquatic variant of Graboid in any future movies or series? was last modified: by

We hypothesize we’d say no.  We tried very hard to create a consistent, logical set of rules and to establish a carefully balanced tone of comedy vs scares.  Tremors 5, 6, and 7 destroyed those norms, so it would be impossible to construct something we believed in.

If, hypothetically, Universal asked you guys if you wanted to come back to do one more film with them, whether or not it pans out to be the last movie in the franchise (T8 or whatever), what would you say in a hypothetical scenario? was last modified: by

Yes, not really a question, but we wanted to post it anyway.  Thanks!

Not really a question, but I just saw T7 and it is as bad as 5 and 6. To add insult to injury [SPOILER COMMENT REMOVED BY STAMPEDE EDITORS]. Thank you guys so much for the first 4 movies (the REAL Tremors movies) and the series. Big, big fan since the first came out. was last modified: by

As we keep saying, “Thirty years later and we’re STILL getting new questions!” We never thought about this.  But it’s surely the first thing any American hunter would have asked.  Our theory is, based on the strong smell and extremely powerful musculature, Graboid meat probably doesn’t taste very good and is extremely tough.  Maybe it would be okay made into sausage with lots of added spices.   Shriekers are technically young, so, maybe, a little better.  ABs are clearly very stringy and lean, so likely are not appetizing.  They’ be like eating crow or vulture.

What do Graboids taste like? Would any part of their body make a good meal and would the others Graboid forms taste better/worse? was last modified: by

Tremors 2 was shot in the hills just southwest of Magic Mountain.  The refinery set was in a secluded valley in those hills. Also,  I remember that we could see Route 126 from the location of the rock that Earl and Grady crash into.  Sorry, can’t be much more specific.  Long time ago!

I live in Valencia, CA where Tremors 2 was filmed. In what exact part of Valencia was it filmed? was last modified: by

I may have answered this elsewhere, but the question comes up a lot from fans bothered by Universal’s handling of Tremors.  In Hollywood, unlike in book publishing or in theater, the studios long ago figured out that they wanted exclusive control over material.  You can ask to withhold or retain some rights, but only the most mega-powerful writers would ever have a chance of getting such a contract. The standard contract,  which we signed when we sold Tremors, states that we are selling all rights for all media that exist (or are invented in the future) for all time. So you just have to hope you aren’t thrown off your own creation, which we eventually were.

How did you end up losing the rights what is rightfully your intellectual property? And is there a chance you can get them back at some point? I’d like the Tremors TV series to be finished at some point. Either animated, comic or novels. was last modified: by

She chose not to.  We asked her to come back for Tremors 2 but she declined, so we had to write her out of the script.  Since her character was gone from T2, we left it that way for T3.

Why didn’t Heather (Reba McEntire) star in any of the other Tremors movies? was last modified: by

You have correctly guessed that Universal is in charge, and to our knowledge has never released those sound tracks.  We imagine you are aware that there are unofficial versions floating around online.

Will there be a soundtrack release for Tremors 2-4 or is that something only Universal is in charge of? was last modified: by

We are glad to hear that it is hard to choose among the ones we worked on.  Tremors 1 does have a special place for all of us because it was first, we had a bigger budget, has our full original cast, and seems to stand the test of time well.  But they are all our “babies” and we don’t want to choose!

What is your favorite Tremors movie? I like all of them myself but if I had to pick it would obviously be Tremors 1. But all of them have so much great stuff in them it is really hard to pick. was last modified: by

Not really.  We thought about each “death” a lot.  And if you think about it, not that many main characters die in the first four Tremors movies and series.  The hardest one was the decision to have Miguel die in Tremors 3.  Amusingly, Tony Genaro, who plays Miguel was totally on board with the idea and loved the emotional quality it would have even though it meant he couldn’t come back!

During the first 4 movies & the series (which are the only Tremors worth watching as the new ones, without your guys involvement, are horrible), did you ever kill off a character and then in a later movie or episode wish that you hadn’t? was last modified: by

We experimented with a lot of things during the early days of the Stampede site.  We have to admit we don’t remember what this link was, or if or when it was active.  The idea, of course, would have been to give fans another route to more info about beloved Burt.  But as Stampede scaled back, the link no doubt got left behind, too.  Fortunately, fans themselves have taken up the cause and a search for Burt Gummer gets lots of hits these days!

Recently I’ve been looking through the old and unavailable pages of this website via Web Archive and I stumbled upon this sentence: “For more on the world of Burt Gummer be sure to visit Burt-gummer(dot)info”. I tried to visit this site through the Web Archive but for some reason, it won’t display any content. What was Burt-gummer(dot)info about? was last modified: by

Well, not funny for the graboid, which would surely lose in that situation, given that  Banner (The Hulk) is a much more powerful, if far more unrealistic, comic book creation.

Ok. How funny do you think it would be if a graboid swallowed Bruce Banner? was last modified: by

We seem to be having a run on franchise-blending questions.  While it is true that a graboid might inadvertently swallow a gun, we did not write Men in Black and cannot predict what Agent K might do if faced with that situation.

Do you think Agent K from Men in Black would tell a graboid to “Eat me!” to get his gun back like he did that bug? was last modified: by

As we sadly have to keep pointing out, we are interested in anything that takes advantage of Tremors’ notoriety.  But we do not have any say in what Universal studios does with the property.  Over the years they have never followed up on the many ideas like this that have been proposed.

Tabletop games have started making a pretty big comeback recently and several Horror Franchises have gotten in on it. I was wondering if a Tremors Table Top game would be of any interest? was last modified: by

This is a comment/question we’ve been getting a lot since Tremors 5 came out.  We very much appreciate how many fans have been riled up by our being taken off the movies.  But there’s not much anyone can do about it.  It’s standard old school Hollywood legal.  You sell the rights to your screenplay outright forever.  After that the studio can do whatever it wants.

I’m coming from a Reddit thread where I heard Universal took the rights from the original creators of Tremors, and I just wanna know, is there anything I can do to help? Is there a petition I can sign? Do I need to contact my local senator? What can I do to get the original “Tremors” guys to have the rights again? was last modified: by

Someday fans will have to explain to us what the fascination is with various creatures battling various other creatures.   There are other permutations of this question all over the faq area.  But we’ll take a stab at this one.  Stumpy, the injured graboid from T-1, would possibly be at a disadvantage in a battle with El Blanco from T-3.  On the other hand, El Blanco from being an atypical graboid, might be fearful of a confrontation with a “normal” one and try to flee.  There.  No answer.

Old Stumpy vs El Blanco. Whose your money on? was last modified: by

Again, not a question, but an inventive if somewhat outlandish example of how far our supportive fans have gone in trying to figure out ways for us to keep working on Tremors-like-things.

Since you are forbidden from working on Tremors anymore why not just work on ‘Shaky Ground Monsters’ ? The Rocky series morphed to Creed. Instead of El Blanco, just call the critter La Blanca since gender identity is so fluid nowadays. Graboids are now Procurement – flagellates . Burt can be Bubbles, Earl can be Oil ( New Jersey native) , Val evolves to Valveeta (a cheesy name) and Rhonda advances to Rhodium (more valuable than gold) . Perfection becomes OCD-Burg. Who will S.S. Wilson transmogrify into ? was last modified: by

The possibility still seems so unlikely that we’ve not given it much thought. It would be additionally frustrating to have to deal with, or ignore, all problems created and rules broken by the sequels after T4.  Unless and until it really might happen, we will continue to not give it much thought.

With all this talk about trying to get the rights of the franchise back to y’all, if its successful, do you think you’d go forward with a new Tremors project? was last modified: by

Chang’s is around 250-300 miles North of Las Vegas.  As for graboid incursions, the Perfection graboids were hemmed in by rocks and mountains, but theoretically graboids can exist in any sandy desert if ABs can find the right places to lay eggs, so a Primm take-over is not out of the question.  We have implied that graboid eggs need a warm environment, like that provided by hot springs, so they are somewhat limited in where they can hatch.

How far is Chang’s market from, Las Vegas? Could graboids exist there, or shriekers overrun a nearby town like Primm? was last modified: by

We did not catch that particular show.  Tremors seems to be referenced a LOT these days, which is gratifying.  Recently saw [Sept. 2021] a claymation ad for Rick and Morty on Adult Swim that had a graboid!

Did you guys see the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode where you were referenced? was last modified: by

Well… another interesting idea.  It would probably work.  If, say a coyote were very sensitive to graboids moving beneath it and repeatedly avoided being ambushed from below; the graboid might resort to this tactic to lure the coyote closer without tipping off it’s underground location.

Could a graboid use its tentacles as bait? Leave them above ground to attract a victim that assumes they are edible snakes or something? was last modified: by

We don’t think so.  While we never showed the whole transformation, a shrieker builds a sort of a cocoon around itself, like a caterpillar, and morphs into a AB.  So it’s not a violent process.

I know it’s absolutely hell and deathgasms for a graboid to turn into shriekers, but does it hurt when shriekers turn into assblasters? was last modified: by

Versions of this question has come up remarkably often over the years.  While we appreciate that UK citizens would love their own local graboids, it does seem to us hard to explain how the creatures would have remained hidden in a country so densely populated for so many centuries.  And of course, we don’t control the franchise any longer so it’s a bit moot from that perspective.

Have you thought of doing a UK based/version of Tremors based in Birmingham, London or on a farm? was last modified: by

This, of course, is a recurring fan question.  We at Stampede appreciate the loyalty, but as far as we know Universal plans to continue making sequels without our input.

Have there been any talks/consideration of having the same director and crew that made the original film do a remake? was last modified: by
Okay, not really a FAQ, but it made us laugh here at Stampede.  Thanks!
When the snake vomited Jon Voight why did JLo stand there like a idiot and… Ooops wrong franchise!😳 was last modified: by

Thanks for the thanks!  But to be clear, Stampede did not break up.  We are still all working together trying to get projects off the ground.  Yes, today’s film business is very different from when we started, but we haven’t given up!

It’s sad to hear that Stampede broke up. It seems you have to have skin thick as a graboid to continue in the entertainment industry. I don’t have a question, just a lot of thanks to the Stampede team for years of great productions. was last modified: by

All of us at Stampede have done these sorts of events over the years.   But we don’t regularly go to places like Comic Con.  We have no events on our schedules at present. (April 2022)

I was curious if you or Brent Maddock go out to any conventions or any Tremors fan meet ups and do signings? was last modified: by

The Stampede team has a few pieces of memorabilia from the films.  Not actual props.  More just things that were used in advertising, etc.  As far as we know Universal has not kept anything.

Did you happen to keep any Tremors props for yourself or does Universal have them all locked up somewhere? was last modified: by

Well, an old screenplay adage says characters are best when they are in conflict. But Nancy grew out the hippies and “flower children” we knew in our generation (1960s). We just liked the idea that she’s always a little Pollyanna, is anti-violence, believes in things like pyramid power, etc.  Sorry you don’t like her, but we always felt she’s another sort of person who might end up out in isolated Perfection — a great opposite of Burt!

A character that gets under my skin is… Nancy. [For example,] in T1 what is there not to understand about giant worms that live underground and eat people? In T3 why would she call the Feds? [This question goes on to detail many more examples of Nancy’s transgressions, on into the TV series]. was last modified: by

We always thought of Nancy as a hippie when we created the characater.  Marcia just played that side up a bit more, or in a different way, than Charlotte.

In T1 and T3 Nancy seems like a normal mom who’s into arts and crafts, while the Tseries she’s more of a hippie? Was she always meant to have that hippie vibe, or something Marcia brought to the table? was last modified: by

The graboid life cycle is quite unusual. Graboids (the large worm form in Tremors 1) grow from large eggs. They fairly rapidly achieve full size and from that standpoint might be considered the adults of the species. But in fact they are technically more akin to larvae in other creatures.  After a time, and it’s not clear what triggers this event, graboids slow and die and burst open, being eaten from within by several shriekers, much smaller bipedal creatures whose only purpose is to eat as much as possible and multiply as fast as possible (through non-sexual spontaneous hermaphroditic reproduction).  They were featured in Tremors 2.  Any shrieker that survives long enough eventually forms a cocoon from which emerges a winged animal dubbed an Ass Blaster by Jodi Chang of Perfection (Tremors 3). ABs can glide long distances after launching themselves into the air via a blast of reactive chemicals fired from their hind quarters, hence the graphic name. They are “born” with a graboid egg already inside, and as quickly as possible they seek out appropriate places to lay it, primarily areas with  geothermic activity (like hot springs). When graboids hatch from the eggs, the cycle starts anew.

From a less informed fan, what does the Graboid life cycle look like, and how many different types of graboids are there? was last modified: by

No. We love the fairly family friendly niche we fell into.

If you could rewind time, would you guys actually make all the Tremors movies gnarlier and gorier? was last modified: by

We admit we have not watched all the, tributes, clips, first-time-views etc that proliferate on YouTube.  That said, since you mention it, we at Stampede were all quite impressed with Dead Meat’s Kill Count episodes on the first four Tremors.  They cover the movies in extraordinary detail, with much (mostly accurate) trivia and very clever writing/editing.  Fully entertaining in their own right.

What do you think of YouTube channels that recount your movies? Like the Kill Count on the YouTube Channel Dead Meat? was last modified: by

We are very proud of the music in Tremors 1-4, and would love for that to happen.  But Universal Studios controls all rights.  As far as we know they have no plans to release sound track versions.

Is there a possibility that we’ll ever get an Original Sound Track release, even if it’s just a single? was last modified: by

We are aware that this has been accomplished in certain rare circumstances, but it is a long and difficult legal process even to attempt it, so it isn’t something we feel we want to put much effort into.  We’re all busy with other projects.

You have said many times on this FAQ that Universal stopped letting you work on the Tremors franchise, but other movie franchises have been reclaimed by the creators due to certain rules and limitations in copyright laws. Will you get back control of Tremors? was last modified: by

It may seem like graboids pursue only humans in the movies, but in fact we tried to imply that they do hunt other prey.  Miguel’s cattle.  Old Fred’s sheep. The coyote in Tremors 2.  As to the second point, graboids would avoid cities just due to the sheer noise level.  It would be impossible for them to isolate and attack anything when there’s a steady cacophony of cars, trucks, cycles, pedestrians, etc. coming from all directions.

Do Graboids understand how dangerous humans are to them? Each movie always shows them tracking humans down almost exclusively, despite there having to be other types of prey in their hunting grounds. If it were possible for them to make their way into bigger cities and towns would they know to stay away due to the sheer number of people? was last modified: by

Technically, there is only one type of graboid, the large worm-like creature.  It starts out as an egg, which must be kept warm in order to hatch.  I grows to its full size of around 30 feet fairly quickly, but is pretty deadly even as a “baby” graboid.   After a time, and for reasons still a bit unclear, graboids then go through a transformation.  They metamorphose into much smaller shriekers (Tremors 2) that literally eat their way out of the parent worm, killing it.  These hermaphroditic critters procreate quite rapidly and can become a dangerous carnivorous herd.  But at some point, shriekers undergo a second metamorphosis, changing into assblasters (Tremors 3), a winged version capable of launching itself and gliding.  Each assblaster carries one egg and seeks out a appropriate spot to lay it, usually in or near naturally warm places like volcanic hot springs.  It is unclear how long the eggs then lay dormant before hatching.

From a less informed fan, what does the Graboid life cycle look like, and how many different types of graboids are there. was last modified: by

At first we were going to say, no, that didn’t happen.  But when we examined the history we built into Tremors 4, we had to admit: Walter is a descendant of the original store’s owners, and Miguel is probably related to Juan Pedilla, and Burt did in fact inherit money from his grandfather Hiram’s silver mine.  So, while we think Burt definitely lived other places and did other things (before becoming a prepper and returning), it’s possible he did spend time as a kid in Perfection!  You changed our minds!

Did Burt grow up in Perfection? I love the picture I have in my head that he Miguel and Walter were friends when they were kids. was last modified: by

No.  Audiences have gotten used to that and, we suppose, expect it these days.  But we are of an earlier filmmaker generation and made Tremors just the way we wanted it.  We still like the horror-comedy balance we created.

If you could rewind time, would you make all the Tremors movies gnarlier and gorier? was last modified: by

We are surprised that Universal seems to allow anyone to show any part of the movies for free all the time.  We don’t own the rights, so that’s their call.   But we are huge fans of Kill Count and thought they did an awesome job of both making fun of, and giving tons of off-beat trivia about the movies.

What do you think of YouTube channels that re-show your movies? Like Kill Count on the YouTube Channel Dead Meat? was last modified: by

We don’t control the rights to the franchise.  But you may have have seen online (Feb 2023) that Kevin Bacon has publicly stated his interest in doing something new with Tremors.  That’s a change from how he felt about the movie earlier in his career, so we guess one could say anything might happen.

Will Kevin bacon ever return in a Tremors movie? Also, with the success of Chucky, might the SYFY network be more open to another Tremors tv series? was last modified: by

Actually, we feel we’ve shown, or implied, that graboids hunt a wide range of things.  In Tremors Miguel mentions some of his cattle are missing, and they eat Old Fred’s sheep.   In Tremors 2, the graboids eat a howling coyote (off screen) while Earl and Grady listen.    But graboids are pretty rare, and their interactions with humans relatively infrequent, so we feel, no, they haven’t learned, as a species, that humans are potentially dangerous.  Fans often ask about graboids coming to big cities, but they’d be very confused by all the constant noise and would be unable to hunt effectively, so would likely choose to avoid any urban environment.

Do Graboids understand how dangerous humans are to them? You seem to always show them tracking humans down almost exclusively, when there must be other types of prey in their hunting grounds. If they found their way to bigger cities, would they know to stay away due to the sheer number of people? was last modified: by

In our original script for Tremors 5 we had a sequence we liked where Burt has to face the mini graboids (first seen in Tremors 4).  There is a swarm of them, and he guns them down using a 6 barreled super-rapid-fire machine gun, that he fires from the top of a careening Land Rover as he and two other characters try to out run the beasties.

We also had many ideas over the years for how we’d bring back Kevin Bacon as Val if that ever happened.

What would have been a cool Tremors idea that you and the team never got the chance to work on? was last modified: by

We wish we could ask Rhonda. We feel graboids is correct. It’s how they are referred to in Tremors 2. But we’d be curious to hear fan opinions!

What is the proper collective noun for a group of Graboids? was last modified: by

Well, Blood Beach predates Tremors by nearly 10 years, so I’m afraid we’d have to say it’s the other way around (if there were a Blood Beachverse). We don’t remember seeing it back in the day, but looking at it now, certainly the shots of people getting pulled under the sand are very similar to Tremors.

Would you consider Blood Beach – with its snakelike creature that hunts by sucking people under the sand – to be spiritually an offshoot of the Tremorsverse? was last modified: by

Graboids prefer to stay in their element: loose dirt. It’s difficult for them to move in the open. So if a graboid did happen to poke its beak into a cave, it would mostly likely back up and go another way. Another consideration: caves tend to form in solid rock, not in alluvial soil, so graboids would rarely encounter them anyway.

What if a Graboid encountered a cave system it had no prior knowledge of? Would it tunnel right into it or just go around it? was last modified: by

We checked the game out after getting this FAQ. Yes, it certainly looks Tremors inspired! But of course there were sand worms and underground critters that predated our movies. There’s even a really old TV show called Outer Limits that had a sand-shark like monster – “Invisible Enemy.”

Have you heard of the mobile game death worm? It’s basically a Tremors mobile game. You play as a giant worm and you eat as much people possible! It’s a really fun game and just wanted to mention it. was last modified: by

We tend not to be fans of mash-ups. We liked creating a world where the only super strange thing is the graboids and everything else is played straight. If a whole city were on the run from Godzilla, seems like graboids would be only a minor annoyance.

Could (or would you like to see) Tremors exist within a monsterverse with Godzilla and Kong? was last modified: by

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