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Note about Tremors 5 and Tremors 6 questions:
Stampede did not work on Tremors 5 in any way so we have NO information about it or Universal’s plans for future Tremors movies.  All questions about those topics should be sent to Universal Studios.

Questions about Tremors 5 and beyond

By now (2006) you all know the likely answer: Not likely.

If Universal won’t make Tremors 5 as a direct-to-video due to changes in the market place, any chance of producing it to sell directly over the Internet? was last modified: by
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Actually, it hasn’t been revealed even to us. What we learned in Tremors 5 was that ABs congregate in special geologic areas, each laying a single egg. But we never saw the actual laying in the script. Still a secret.

With Tremors 5 looking like a no go, can you reveal to us the ABs egg laying process? was last modified: by
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The script is owned by Universal. It is very unlikely that they’d let it be seen.  We can’t talk about cast, characters, or cost.

Can we see the script for Tremors 5? was last modified: by
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All we can say, as we’ve said before, is we wish you fans were making the decisions at the studios. Unfortunately, Universal is no longer interested in Graboids of even one dimension.

Has anyone tried pitching the idea for Tremors 5 as a 3D movie? A Graboid’s tongue/tentacles are just asking for the 3D treatment. Then there’s Burt’s gun barrel – pointing right into the audience… Or, what about using new technology to convert the existing franchise to 3D, as Lucas is doing with Star Wars? was last modified: by
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Both are great ideas as far as we’re concerned.  But we’re only the creators.

{Here’s another fan’s take on the 3D approach.] In order to get Tremors 5 made, how about pitching it as a 3D movie? How about turning the first four movies into 3D as George Lucas is doing with Star Wars? was last modified: by
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Nobody from the earlier movies or TV show. We’re not that blood thirsty.

Were you planning to kill off any more regular Tremors characters in Tremors 5? was last modified: by
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It was all about the Burt you know and love in a wild new adventure.  The overkill was awesome.

Was Tremors 5 going to be another one featuring some distant relative of Burt, or good ol’ Burt himself? was last modified: by
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Yes, there was some brief, guarded interest in Tremors 5.  Hollywood politics being what they are, we must be secretive about the players.  We can say at present (October 2009) that Tremors 5 may not be completely dead.  But it’s only un-dead, not alive.  (And if it’s 2019 as you read this, and there has still been no Tremors 5, this answer is then “Yes, but it died again.”)

Was there any truth to the net rumors (ca 2008) about the Tremors 5 script being resurrected for production? was last modified: by
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Sorry to have to keep saying it but, unlike Johnny Five, Tremors 5 is not alive.  Someone posted a fake entry on IMDB saying it was coming out, starring the entire original cast plus people from the TV show.  They even listed Stampede as the contact company (and we even got calls from some cast members and from Universal asking us what the heck was going on).  But it’s just a cruel online joke by somebody.  We’re trying to get IMDB to take down the post (as of August 31, 2010)

Is Tremors 5 coming out in December???? I saw it on IMDB!!! Will it be in theaters? Is there a trailer yet? was last modified: by
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What’s up is the internet is a loopy place.  No, they are not the same.  The series was created on its own for SciFi (aka, ludicrously, SYFY).  Tremors 5 is a screenplay about Burt’s adventures in Australia.  Universal Studios has no plans to produce the movie, however.

Fans report a net rumor that Tremors: The Series grew out of Tremors 5 — or that they are the same thing. What’s up?? was last modified: by
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We gotta give you credit, you all keep coming up with different approaches.  Sometimes I think one of our fans will actually figure out a way to make Tremors 5.  However, that said, the issue remains that Universal owns and controls all rights Tremors for all media in all forms and they do no believe there is any money to be made in creating new material.  There’s no point in our discussing it with any other studio or entity, as we have no control over it.

You say on your site that Universal aren’t interested in either making Tremors 5 OR in converting to 3D, which I also think is a great idea. So the obvious question, I suppose, is have you considered approaching a DIFFERENT distributor to see if they will commission a Tremors 5? I guess there must be a reason why not or presumably you’d already have done it so what’s the story on this please? was last modified: by
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A number of fans have asked about this.  Yes, we’ve investigated it.  The difficulty is that, even if we raise the money to make the movie, Universal still has to agree to distribute it — and distribution is expensive.  Without their prior approval, it’s a no go. As of now (May 2013) we don’t have a clear answer from them.

Have you considered crowd-sourcing as a way of doing Tremors 5? Kickstarter or Indigogo, for example? was last modified: by
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Since the movie was never made, it only had a working subtitle.  On the actual finished script that is “Gummer Down Under!”  Somewhere along the line, we also started informally calling it “Thunder Down Under.”

Can you reveal the title of the script for Tremors 5?. Or, was the title just Tremors 5? I’m wondering because Tremors 2-4 each had a subtitle after the main title. was last modified: by
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Ye gads, I guess Tremors fans have started going to law school! This question raises valid legal arguments that I don’t think I can handle.  But I’m pretty sure we still need Universal’s permission to use their material/characters, even if the end product is “free.”

MORE ON CROWD SOURCING (Much more!) Have you considered crowd sourcing to get it funded, then releasing it for “free” as a fan film? Notice the quotes? You give it away free with purchase of official Tremors 1-4 memorabilia, that’s what they did for Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. ST:OGAM was made by the Roddenberry family and well known star trek actors. As they were not making money off the film itself, but instead reselling official products with the DVD being added to all orders as a free gift, they were allowed to distribute it freely from a simple low budget web store. They eventually put ST:OGAM on youtube for all to watch when they were ready to move on to their next movie Star Trek: Renegades currently in production. Producing Tremors 5 this way would place the movie outside the official cannon, but extended cannon is just as important to fans as official cannon, especially if official cannon has no further continuity. was last modified: by
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No, the Tremors 5 script stands on its own, a new story taking place in a new location.   While Burt is in it, we did not put in other Perfection townsfolk from the series or the movies. Update 2016: and fans now know that Universal ending using almost nothing from our old Tremors 5 script anyway.

If Tremors 5 is ever made (I’m still hopeful!) are you planning to put a few of the recurring characters from the TV show (Tyler, Larry etc) in it or from past film. was last modified: by
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We are not privy to what offers may have been made to Universal.  But, while movie rights are sometimes sold by studios, such deals can end up being so expensive (because lots of fees and other charges get tacked on) that the resulting movie has to be a run-away hit to make them worth the risk.

Since Universal sees so little value in Tremors, has anyone considered attempting to buy the rights from them (much like Vin Diesel did with Riddick)? was last modified: by
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(Posted February 2014) I know it’s a pain that I keep repeating this, but we’re really not supposed to talk about specifics of Universal’s material.  If that ever changes, I’ll put the news on the Stampede site. Meantime, I’ll go this far: Burt finally got the mini-gun I always wanted him to have.  (Update 2016), by now you all know that But not get a mini-gun in Tremors 5.  While the movie was originally going to be based on our original T5 script, they ended up using almost nothing from it.

Could you tell us one major event that would have occurred in Tremors 5? was last modified: by
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I can hardly believe it myself (see the many negative posts above), but after all these years there has been some discussion about Tremors 5 at Universal.  As usual, the bloggers and movie websites are buzzing with fragments of this activity that have slipped out.  But we can’t comment until we know more.  We will post an official update here if/when we feel it’s responsible to do so.

MORE RUMORS ABOUT TREMORS 5!! August, 2014 was last modified: by
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As we approach the 25th anniversary of Tremors, we have news about Tremors 5.

Most fans are aware that Universal Studios has announced production of a new DVD sequel, being shot in South Africa. For all of us at Stampede, this is a bittersweet development in our long connection with the franchise, since we, the creators, are not involved.

Stampede has always been interested in reassembling the original Tremors creative team to produce a fresh new theatrical sequel in the Tremors voice. We attempted rights negotations with Universal for an independent theatrical film in 2012. However, the sudio passed on the option, preferring to continue the franchise with DVDs at some future date.

Early in 2014, Universal Home Video indicated that they were budgeting another sequel based on a 2004 script written by Brent Maddock and S. S. Wilson. While they pointed out that they had “no further contractual obligation” to Stampede, they did offer us Executive Producer positions. But they also made it clear that in this new even-lower budget project, the Stampede’ partners’ participation would be severely restricted, with little control over cast, director, special effects, locations, or indeed any aspect of production.

It was always only our full involvement as creators that gave us the means and incentive to reinvigorate and expand the Tremors universe with Tremors 2, 3, 4 and the series — despite the significant increasing budget limitations. Without meaningful creative control allowing us to continue to gurantee the integrity of our Tremors vision, we sadly declined to be involved.

The entire Stampede Team extends a big THANK YOU to the loyal fans who have clamored for this movie for so long. For your viewing pleasure, we hope it’s good!

The Stampede Partners:
S. S. Wilson, Brent Maddock, Nancy Roberts. Ron Underwood.

Are the latest rumors about Tremors 5 true? October, 2014 – NEW was last modified: by
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Uh — no.  They are two separate things.  Tremors 5 is a finished screenplay for a stand-alone Tremors movie set in Australia.  Unfortunately, Universal has no plans to make it.

Is Tremors the Series the same as Tremors 5? Or: did Tremors 5 become Tremors the Series? was last modified: by
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Sorry.  Still no can do.  Universal owns and controls all versions of the material.

Since Universal has rewritten the Tremors 5 script and produced it without participation from stampede is their any possible way to release the original draft of the Tremors 5 script as a pdf? The one set in australia from 2005. I know you previously said no because Universal might make it later but now that they are using a different script has the chances of that changed at all? was last modified: by
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In our version the Australian Graboids looked somewhat different, but that was all.

In tremors 5 were there plans for new kinds of graboids was last modified: by
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Only one member of the original Tremors creative team has seen Tremors 5.  We’ve decided to let the fans make up their own minds about it — by buying or not buying it, before we weigh in with our opinions.

Update: June 2015.  SS Wilson is still the only team member who has seen Tremors 5.  He was disappointed.  The new monster designs were fun and interesting.  But the idea of tentacles running  around like independent snakes was ridiculous.  In the end, he felt the new installment had many story and logic issues and broke most of the rules we tried so hard to maintain during our time with the series.

Even though you did not work on Tremors 5, what did you think of it? was last modified: by
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You fans are great!  You’re already thinking about Tremors 6!  Yes, we would certainly be willing to work on any new Tremors, if we were given the creative control we enjoyed on the first four.  Sadly, at this time (June 2016) it seems unlikely that we will be invited back to the franchise.

If there is a Tremors 6, will Stampede be back in control of it? Would you ever be willing to make another tremors sequel? If not how come? was last modified: by
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We have no answers to this sort of question about Tremors 5.  You’ll have to send your questions to Universal Studios.

Why does the tentacle on the box looks weirder than ever? The tentacle on the first, third, fourth, and fifth looks like it. The TV series and second one looks terrible. Also, the eye?! was last modified: by
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We are no longer involved with the Tremors movies, so we have no information. Future questions should go to Universal Studios.  They control everything done with the franchise.

If universal decides to do a 6th Tremors, what would be the next location? Would you rewrite the first Tremors 5 script to the adventures in Australia, or would you go back to the town of Perfection? was last modified: by
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Though we have no more involvement with Tremors I couldn’t resist at least posting this question as it is a lovely idea.   At Stampede we would absolutely be open to it.

In future Tremors I was wondering if you would consider casting some living monster movie legends in Cameos? Ben Chapman, Julie Adams and Ricou Browning (the Gillman!) are still touring festivals. I think it would be really neat to place some of the classic 50s B Monster Movie actors in Tremors, which has become the modern-day successor of the classic monster film franchises. was last modified: by
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We like to think El Blanco still lives in Perfection Valley.  But we did not work on Tremors 5, so we can’t say what the writer or director of that movie intended.

I just watched Tremors 5, and my main question is do you believe El Blanco still alive at the time of T5? They never make any references to the series or El Blanco in the movie. was last modified: by
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Nothing can be Tremors-related, since Universal controls all rights to that.  We continue to try to get new projects going.  Recently we’ve worked on a new TV series and two new movie ideas, but nothing has sold yet (2017).

What will Stampede do now since Tremors control is in Universal’s hands?Are there more Tremors related projects you might be able to work on in the future or are you working on something new? was last modified: by
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Don Michael Paul has not written any Tremors movies.  Tremors 5 and 6 were written by John Whelpley.  We have no say over what format Universal will choose release future versions, so we’ll all have to wait and see.  Finally, we are somewhat baffled by how many fans want to see Graboids, ABs, and Shriekers battling it out.  It seems to us that Graboids would win every time.

If Stampede or Don Michael Paul is to write the script for the next Tremors movies, can they be the electrically released? If not, can we have all generations of graboids in one film. Can we have a fight to the death between all generations? was last modified: by
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We did not work on Tremors 5. The people who did changed or ignored all the rules we tried to be true to when we were working on the series.

In Tremors 5 that Australian guy made the Graboid spit him back up after “tickling the belly” with a shotgun. Why didn’t Burt do the same in Tremors 3. After all, he had a Desert Eagle on him when he was swallowed. was last modified: by
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You are correct.  The answer is no.  The people developing the series refused to meet with or discuss it with us.

The answer to this is most likely no, but is Stampede Entertainment involved in the production of the new T.V. series based on Tremors? was last modified: by
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They did not give a reason.  Just said no.

In reference to one answer you provided, why did Blumhouse refuse to meet you for possible consulting? I would have thought they would have been more open since recently they brought John Carpenter to consult on a new Halloween film. was last modified: by
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