Tucker’s Monster

Tucker's MonsterWinner of the Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book – Fiction, presented at the 2011 Benjamin Franklin Awards.

Winner in the Best First Book – Fiction category of the USA Best Books Awards 2011.

“You ever hunt werewolf, Whitney?” It is 1903 and that’s only one of many unexpected question

The USA “Best Books 2011” Award for “Best New Fiction”

It is 1903 when young zoologist Gerard Whitney is hired by eccentric Oklahoma cattle rancher Harold B. Tucker. He discovers his employer’s true passion is traveling the world in search of legendary creatures. In his first novel, veteran screenwriter S. S. Wilson (Tremors, Short Circuit, The Wild Wild West) offers up a rollicking adventure in which wide-eyed Whitney learns about werewolves, mummies, ghosts, and even meets a mad scientist. On a more subtle level, Wilson also pokes ample fun at classic horror movie clichés as he careens toward an unexpected (and Hollywood sized) climax. “You won’t be disappointed when you pick up a copy of Tucker’s Monster.” Ron Underwood – director.

Best new fiction book, 2011
Tuckers’ Monster is the winner of the USA “Best Books 2011” Award for “Best New Fiction”

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