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KIRKUS - Nov. 13th, 2013
Two street-smart alley cats steal the spotlight from Dr. Frankenstein and his creation in this amusing, imaginative take on the classic monster tale. Wilson (Tucker’s Monster, 2010)—the writer behind a number of fantastical films, including Short Circuit (1986) and Tremors (1990)—paints a rich portrait of the German village of Dunkelhaven circa 1810. The guides are Rolf and Hermann, a pair of refined and resourceful felines who unwittingly trigger a series of chance encounters that bring readers deep inside the world of Frankenstein... Read More

IndieReader - Dec. 19, 2013
Despite the skewed point of view of the two feline protagonists, FRAIDY CATS is a faithful recounting of the Frankenstein story with “explanations” of what really happened and why. This gives the narrative the veneer of seriousness in the Boris Karloff rendering but becomes, rather quickly, a comedy worthy of Mel Brooks himself. ... Read More

A novel by author S.S. Wilson

You’ve read Mary Shelley’s account (inaccurate).

You’ve seen Hollywood’s many versions (way inaccurate).

Now, at last, you can learn the truth! It’s all revealed in S. S. Wilson’s new, meticulously researched exposé!

Elements of Frankenstein mythology from Mary Shelley to Hollywood are delightfully jumbled together in a fast paced comic adventure set in 19th century Germany.

Wily Rolf and roly-poly Hermann are alley cats with a pretty good life. Using cunning and stealth they easily purloin food from townsfolk and animals alike.

But a routine stop at a local mansion, with intent to steal treats from the owners' pampered dog, runs afoul of two burglars, with intent to steal the owners' jewels.

In the chaos, Hermann inadvertently gobbles a diamond ring. Now the cats are hotly pursued by the murderous thieves and their equally murderous hound (from whom, to be honest, Rolf and Hermann once stole food).

They can't hide forever, and they fear wolves in the surrounding forest, so they try to escape on a sailing ship. But it's guarded by an army of fearsome bilge rats. To get aboard, much to their humiliation, they must strike a bargain with the pack rat leader, promising to bring him a single item to add to his vast collection of junk.

The item is a pocket watch -- worn by Dr. Frankenstein.

S.S. Wilson's first novel Tucker's Monster is the Winner of the 2011 Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book - Fiction, presented at the 23rd annual Benjamin Franklin Awards and the USA "Best Books 2011" "Winner" in the "Best New Fiction" S.S. Wilson, screenwriter of such films as Tremors and Short Circuit has just finished his first novel Tucker's Monster after 30 years. "It really was 30 years in the making," jokes the author. After being "side-tracked" by success in screenwriting and directing, Wilson returned to a book he began over three decades ago and is now writing his second novel Fraidy Cats. S.S. WILSON has always been a storyteller with a love of fantasy. His high school science project was an animated dinosaur that demonstrated the concept of persistence of vision, the "flaw" in human optics which makes movie watching possible. As a teenager, Wilson made backyard stop-motion animation "epics" with 8mm film and later went on to study film and television at Pennsylvania State University and the USC graduate film program, where he met writing partner Brent Maddock. He and Maddock landed early jobs writing material for animation giants Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng's television specials featuring the Road Runner and Daffy Duck. Wilson also wrote a book on special effects stop-motion animation, PUPPETS AND PEOPLE.

S.S. Wilson Author Tuckers Monster
Author S.S. Wilson

Bill Fisher Award
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Tucker's Monster

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