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In 1982 Nancy Roberts started The Roberts Company as a boutique talent agency. The company soon carved a niche in the industry by building the careers of a select client list of writers and directors in television and motion pictures. Roberts’ stable of some 40 clients included Ron Underwood, Lewis Colick, Brent Maddock, Steve Wilson, Paul Guay, and Steve Mazur, as well as nationally syndicated cartoonists Jules Feiffer and Wiley (Non-Sequitur) Miller.

It was in the mid-eighties that Roberts met screenwriters Brent Maddock and S.S. Wilson and director Ron Underwood. Recognizing their potential and talent, she launched Maddock and Wilson’s feature film writing careers with the sale of their spec script, SHORT CIRCUIT. Subsequently, she leveraged the Maddock/Wilson spec script TREMORS into the feature directing debut of Underwood and the producing debut of Maddock and Wilson. The success of TREMORS led directly to Underwood being chosen as the director of CITY SLICKERS, one of the biggest hits of 1991.

Early in 1992, Roberts converted her talent agency, The Roberts Company, to a prestigious management company of which she was president. Among her clients’ films were WILD WILD WEST; MIGHTY JOE YOUNG; LIAR, LIAR and HEARTBREAKERS.

In that same year, Roberts co-founded Stampede Entertainment, a production partnership with Ron Underwood, Brent Maddock and S.S. Wilson. Besides her strong management skills, Roberts has proven her mettle as a producer. A driving force behind the TREMORS franchise; Roberts fulfilled a personal ten-year commitment by launching her partners’ directing careers with each installment of the TREMORS films. Roberts returned to her own writing roots in co-scripting the stories for TREMORS 3: BACK TO PERFECTION and TREMORS 4: THE LEGEND BEGINS with Maddock & Wilson. She then moved on to TREMORS: THE SERIES, for the Sci-Fi Network, where she, Maddock and Wilson were co-creators and Executive Producers.

Stampede Entertainment prides itself upon being a company of artist/executives. The Stampede brand has a unique American “everyman” point of view that is articulated by storytellers with a distinctly imaginative style. Says Roberts, “Our goal as a company is to realize to the fullest extent the partners’ talents in a commercially strong but artist-friendly environment.”

Today, Roberts devotes her time exclusively to heading Stampede’s day to day development and financial operations, and pursues her own career as a writer and artist.

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