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Michael Gross Receiving Best Act Award for Tremors 3

Michael Gross accepting the Best Actor award for his roll in Tremors 3: Back to perfection. This award was presented at the DVD Exclusive Awards in 2001.

Michael Gross wins Best Actor for Tremors 3!
Michael’s Acceptance Speech
Michael Gross wins Best Actor for Tremors 3!
Michael and his wife at the awards


At the Video Premiere Awards show October 23rd. 2001, Tremors 3 star Michael Gross was presented with the Best Actor award for DVD and VHS film release.

The “Father” of Short Circuit

A group of filmmakers recently came to our attention when they requested an interview with Stampede’s S. S. Wilson. They were making a documentary on famed robot Number Five, star of Short Circuit and Short Circuit II. But the whole course of their research was changed by new information they found. They claim to have uncovered a decades-old robot which was the inspiration for the Number Five character.

Part 1

Part 2