Marcelo Tubert

Marcelo TubertMarcelo Tubert (Senor Carlos Ortega) enjoys what is surely one of the most varied and interesting careers in Hollywood. An accomplished actor both in movies and on stage, he has worked with many of the best in both media, from Mike Nichols in Postcards from the Edge to Eugene Ionesco in the world premiere of Tales, for Persons Under Three Years of Age. He has been a member of the acting company for the Sundance Institute’s Playwright’s Lab, a guest star on dozens of television shows, from “Melrose Place” to “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and is a member of Antaeus Company, which specializes in classical repertory theater, Film and movie-of-the-week credits include Vampire in Brooklyn, Leprechaun 3, Everything Changes, and Masque of the Red Death, to name a few.Of his latest, TREMORS 2: AFTERSHOCKS, Tubert says, “The movie was just a great experience. I worked with really talented people in every aspect of the production, and director Steve Wilson was very supportive of the actors.”

Marcelo was born in Cordoba, Argentina. His mother, Miriam Tubert, is an actress who did a great deal of stage work and had her own children’s radio show. Marcelo’s introduction to theater came at the age of three, in Garcia Lorca’s Yerma, when a child actor in a visiting troupe became ill. When he was seven, Marcelo and his family moved to Los Angeles where he later took up acting seriously in high school then studied at Los Angeles City College’s Theater Arts Department.

Among his many early influences, he cites actor Alejandro Rey. Tubert began with small television and film roles. As those roles grew larger, he was also proving his versatility, establishing himself in theatre and with commercial and voiceover work.

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