May 11 1995 – Petromaya Oil Field Chiapas, Mexico

Graboids appear in the oil field. Company employees are consumed and oil production is interrupted.

Desperate oil company executives hire survivors from the 1985 Graboid attack to track down Shriekersand kill the Mexican Graboids.

On site Geologist Kate White reports Graboids are extremely ancient earth life form.

Before all Graboids can be eliminated they undergo a highly unusual metamorphosis sub-divding into smaller bipedal surface creatures. Technically blind like the Graboids, these creatures nevertheless efficiently track their prey by sensing heat. Some humans survived by devising methods to disguise their body heat, including using cold blasts from a CO2 fire extinguisher.

These new creatures become known as Shriekers due to the piercing cry they make when sensing prey.

Shriekers are reported to be hermaphrodites, reproducing by regurgitating an offspring immediately after the consumption of a meal. This has not been confirmed.

Note: If Shrieker reproductive rates are shown to be directly proportional to available food supply, a Shrieker “population explosion” is a potential threat.

According to survivor Burt Gummer, all Chiapas Mexico Shriekers were eliminated by use of an “appropriate” amount of high explosives. All remains badly damaged and decomposed. No living animals found for study.

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