Can I be in the next Tremors film?

A lot of you have asked about being actors in Tremors.  We have to be discouraging about that. It looks easy, but it actually takes a lot of experience to be a good film actor (I know you’ve heard stories of people who had no experience and got a part in some big movie, but that’s RARE, okay?).  Like most filmmakers we only hire actors through Hollywood casting directors.  When we’re going into production, the casting director sets up auditions with actors found via agents or TV shows, movies, or plays.  We make our decisions based on the people he/she brings in.  Many many actors tried out for the new roles of Jack and Jodi in Tremors 3.  All of them had a lot of experience and skill.  If you think you want to be an actor, start trying out for school plays or local theater plays, find an acting class or school or coach.  Work on getting an agent, etc. etc.  It’s a very tough profession to break into.

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