Can Shriekers see through glass?

Good question.  In most cases, yes, but not too well.  Glass tends to limit the transmission of infrared light.  Some insulating glass is designed to block almost all infrared light.  While we could see right through it, to a Shrieker that sort of glass might look like a mirror.  Wish we had thought of that when we were making T-2.  We could have had Earl, Grady, and Kate carrying glass doors, and the Shriekers couldn’t have seen them!  Of course it would have required a lot of dialogue from Kate explaining the science behind it.

Update to this question:  Here’s alternate answer from a fan who says:

Are you ready for the true scientific answer? Well here goes. A friend of mine keeps pet rattlesnakes in his house (in double locked containment, of course}. As you know, rattlesnakes and other pit vipers can see warm objects in total darkness. Before entering the reptile room, you must turn on the overhead light or else the snakes will vigorously rattle their tails until the lights are on and they can see you clearly. Snakes can not hear because they have no ears (unlike Graboids), but they can sense heat through the tempered glass in the window of their terrarium.

(SSW admits he has not tested the glass scenario with rattlesnakes, nor is he likely to.)

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