Is there any Tremors merchandise available?

We get a lot of fans asking why they can’t buy rubber Graboids and Val and Earl action figures or video games.  Some of you have even offered to help design or even manufacture them.  Others have helpfully suggested lower-budget ways they could be produced.  Still another asked if we just had a small leftover graboid in “hardened clay” he could buy.  (Sorry, the graboids were constructed full size; the clay versions are gone, and the casting molds are huge.  Even the ¼ scale graboids are pretty big.)

In answer:  we wish we could get Universal to think like our fans!  You have to believe us when we say we’re just as frustrated as you are.  We don’t control the Tremors “franchise.”  Universal Pictures has the final say over all marketing and merchandising.  I hear from sources inside Universal that the various marketing departments are expressing increased interest in our “franchise.”  In English, that means they’re recognizing that there are a lot of Tremors fans out there. Nothing is definite, but here are some of the things that are being considered at Universal: Toys, action figures, collectibles and video games.  The Tremors series is being considered for promotion in these areas, and deals may be discussed with toy companies, game designers, etc.

Universal is also planning some fun stuff for the official Universal Tremors 3 website, which should be up soon.  They might give away props or other collectibles from Tremors 3.  So be sure to watch for that site.  And feel free to e-mail Universal directly with your thoughts and wishes. Show’em you care!  Tell’em what you want!

May 2010 update: Obviously this did not happen.  We understand that some Tremors 4 props were sold on e-bay, notably Hiram’s bicycle, but have no more information than that.

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