Shouldn’t Burt have a snorkel for his truck?

Yes, of course Burt should have a snorkel. (For our non-off-road vehicle fans, that’s a device that, along with other adaptations, allows the truck to ford deep water.) But the truth is, we’re lucky Burt has a decent truck at all. Shooting in Mexico, we found out American car companies won’t make their normal movie/TV deals to provide vehicles, so we had to buy all vehicles for the show. I fought to get him a vintage Dodge Powerwagon (or military M-37 version of same). But these were just too old for our transportation department to try to keep in repair. So we ended up with a pretty gnarly Chevy K-5 Blazer, and gnarlied it up some more. But someday I’d still love to do a scene where Burt suddenly fords a stream that’s about six feet deep and pretends like he doesn’t even notice.

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