Where was Tremors 4 shot?

The town was built on the Polsa Rolsa Ranch in Acton, CA. It was torn down immediately after shooting wrapped – the sad fate of all Perfections. We also shot the camp site and hot spring scenes on that land.


The mine (interior and exterior) was the famous Bronson Cave in Hollywood where zillions of movies have been shot. We had to add some fake walls inside the real mine to make it smaller and more claustrophobic.

Carson City was Calico Ghost town, near Barstow, CA. This is also where we shot most of the wide Western vistas of various characters riding their horses, as well as Hiram returning in the wagon.


The muling station (interior and exterior) was an existing barn we found on the Valuzet movie ranch, north of Los Angeles. We modified the barn to fit our story’s needs.

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