Why does Burt’s truck keep changing?

A number of fans have wondered why Burt, of all people, has always driven ordinary SUV type 4-wheel drives. Well, the real reason is born of low budget film making. When we work on these movies we have to do everything to save money, and one way is to “promo” the vehicles. That is, we make deals with car companies to loan us vehicles for free. It’s a logical trade because it essentially gives them free advertising. Bur for Burt, it means he ends up driving whatever late model SUV they’ll let us have. HOWEVER, when we started producing the series in Mexico, we found American car companies didn’t want to send promo cars there. We had to buy all our vehicles. So S.S. Wilson got to pick almost any truck he wanted for Burt. Check Burt’s “new” truck when the series premiers! BTW, we also got the Desert Jack Tour Jeeps back (sold after completion of Tremors 3). They were still painted the same color with the sign still on the doors.

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