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Newborn Alien

Newborn Alien
This is the newborn alien from Alien: Resurrection. It was the first time we got to completely design and develop a creature. Not entirely on or own of course because we had a lot of input from the director. We had a lot of design parameters that he wanted us to include, but it was at least a great chance for use to push off in a new direction in the Alien series. We had worked on the last two films in the series, alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection and before that Alec and I both worked for Stan Winston on Aliens so it was a nice change of pace to be given that freedom. Ultimately on set the entire character was done as a full scale puppet which is what you are looking at here (except for the fact that this is a fiberglass copy made from the original molds). It was operated using our motion control system. We also custom built a couple of software programs to make it a little more performable once we were on set. It still took a huge number of puppeteers to operate, a total of 9 puppeteers going up to 15 when shots of the legs were required. The legs were operated externally with rods, the face had complete range of expression which was all done electronically and all the body movements were done hydraulically so we had a big combination of techniques that were used to operate the puppet on set.
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