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Colt Single Action Army (Peacemaker)

Colt Single Action Army (Peacemaker)
This handgun was first issued to the U.S. cavalry in 1873 with a 7.5" barrel chambered for a 45 caliber cartage. The civilian version of the weapon was released in the mid 1870's as the Peacemaker and quickly became the sidearm of choice in the west. The cylinder held six rounds but one chamber was typically left empty because there was no safety. If the gun were dropped, or anything (like a tree branch) accidentally struck the hammer, the pistol easily could go off, even in its holster! Leaving an empty chamber under the hammer was the safest alternative. Many of the most famous/infamous characters of the era used the Colt SA, including Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and the Dalton gang. Later issues of the gun offered different barrel lengths and several smaller calibers. The single action design of this gun limited the firing speed compared to some other weapons of the era but it delivered rounds with deadly accuracy and a hefty punch. Otherwise referred to as a "Frontier," "Equalizer", "Six Shooter," or "Hogleg" this weapon is arguably the most popular handgun ever made. In our movie, it's Black Hand Kelly's weapon of choice, and he gives one to Hiram for target practice. Juan also packs the Peacemaker in the film.
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