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Winchester 1886

Winchester 1886
John Moses Browning (of machine gun and auto-pistol fame) designed this highly improved and powerful weapon. Unlike the weak toggle-link actions of preceding Winchesters, the '86 incorporated two solid steel locking lugs that slid up on either side of the bolt when the lever was closed, thus making a rock-solid arrangement for the longer-cased big-bore cartridges that were gaining in popularity, specifically the .45-70 Government. An added benefit of Browning's design was the action, said to be, "smooth as warm butter and faster to cycle than any other Winchester before it". The 86's admirers included such people as Admiral Perry (who took one to the South Pole), William Chandler (who took one to Africa), and Theodore Roosevelt (who took one everywhere). Juan and Black Hand both fire this big bore rifle in the muling station.
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