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If you are wondering why you have not seen Tremors The Series on the air lately we have bad news for you. SciFi wasn't happy with the ratings numbers and pulled the show from it's lineup. There are no plans at this time to have the series picked up on another network.

We get a lot of questions related to when Tremors The Series Season One will be released on DVD. Again we have bad news. SciFi would need to make the decision to release the series on DVD and so far they have opted not to do a release. All we can suggest is that you write SciFi and let them know that you would purchase a DVD of Tremors The Series if they would release it.

NEW Good News! Thanks to the efforts of extremely dedicated Tremors Fan C. Martin we now have a thoroughly researched and drawn floor plan of Burt's basement (as seen in the series) complete with some 3D rendered views of the rooms. Be sure to check out Burt's Basement!

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