The Plot

In the original comedy-thriller Tremors, two desert rat cowboys, played by Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon, together with a band of desperate citizens in tiny Perfection, Nevada, find themselves battling a horrific new species of predator: massive, insatiably hungry underground monsters who are laying waste to the town--and its occupants. Thanks to the efforts of our giant worms, dubbed "Graboids," are defeated...or so it appears! As anyone who has ever screamed with delight and terror at the screen knows, you just can't keep a good monster down -- even if it lives underground.

TREMORS 2: AFTERSHOCKS picks up the story a few years later. The character of Earl Bassett is still stuck in dusty Perfection, Nevada, having failed to successfully cash in on his encounter with those slimy, pre-Cambrian predators, the Graboids. No, Earl has sunk all he owns into an ostrich ranch, and his birds seem determined NOT to be fruitful and multiply. He's going nowhere fast...until a taxi pulls up with two visitors who have a proposition to make.

It seems the Graboids have resurfaced in an oil field in Sonora, Mexico, and are thriving on a steady diet of terrified workers. Carlos Ortega, a businessman from Mexico, has sought out Earl to make him a tempting offer: his government will pay fifty thousand dollars a head for each worm destroyed. Despite the hefty sum, Earl is not up to facing the Graboids again. It takes some extra convincing from the driver of the taxi, young Grady Hoover, who wants to sign on as Earl's partner in this rags-to- riches hunting venture. As it happens, besides needing the money, Earl knows deep down that he's the only man for the job, so he and his new partner are off to Mexico to try and snuff out a new crop of deadly worms.

Once they arrive in Sonora, they meet Kate White Reilly, a beautiful geologist who would seem to be Earl's perfect match -- that is, if she, Earl, Grady, and everyone else in the area don't wind up as appetizers in a feast that will feature the entire population of Earth as the main course. The beleaguered hunters find they need some extra muscle to even make a dent in the Graboid population, and, of course, there's only one person who can offer that: Burt Gummer, the man whose firepower helped save the day the first time the worms surfaced. Today however, Burt is now a shadow of his former self. Surrounded by weapons and hunting trophies, he is a middle-aged man gone to seed. His wife has left him, and without the threat of World War III, Gummer is a man without a cause. However, when he learns there are Graboids to hunt, his eyes light up with their old fire. When Burt arrives, he shows up in a Mexican military cargo truck overflowing with the latest in explosives.But even the heat- packing power of Burt Gummer will be hotly challenged. Something mysterious and deadly is happening that will make the Graboids more powerful than ever. All parties gear up for the hunt. Burt heads out on his own, and Earl and Grady resume their efforts. But something very strange is happening to the Graboids. A bizarre transformation seems to be occurring that will make the hungry monsters more lethal than ever.

The worms have turned!

 Shrieker eating a carAnimated .GIF of a ShriekerThe worms have changed into an even more deadly monsters called Shriekers. What's going on, and who, if anyone, will survive the onslaught of these seemingly unstoppable creatures? The battle lines are drawn, and this time, ultimately, the stakes are not just the lives of those currently "on the menu," but also to get out alive and keep Mexico from becoming the creatures' next "blue plate special." This battle royale combines pulse-pounding suspense, electrifying effects and humor to create an exhilarating roller coaster ride that will bring shrieks of terror and laughter.

Animated .gif of a shrieker

Tremors 2
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