With the advent of all the new Tremors productions this news page has become old news as they say. We opted not to remove it yet because it makes for some interesting Tremors history.  For the latest updates see the Stampede News page. Also be sure to sign up for the Tremors E-mail list in the red box above.

Soundtrack Now Available

Ernest Troost the composer of the music for Tremors had a new limited edition CD of the Tremors score now available. You can order your copy at We here they are going quickly so if you would like a copy you should do it soon.

Tremors - The Lost Monsters

There has been an exciting addition of original artwork in a new section of this site called "The Lost Monsters". Some time ago Stampede was exploring the idea of turning Tremors into a television series. This artwork represents some of the monsters and plot ideas we were developing. You can find The Lost Monsters here.

Graboid Tentacle Tests

We added five video clips of the earliest film footage shot while testing the Tremors Graboid tentacles built by Amalgamated Dynamics. You can view these clips here.

Revised Tremors 2 Aftershocks Calculator

If you downloaded the Tremors 2 Aftershocks calculator before 7/17/99 you might want to consider un-installing it and downloading it again. A programming bug in the first version of the calculator was found to cause a decimal rounding problem on some computers in certain software configurations. This problem didn't seem to affect very many people but it was fixed anyway and the new version of the calculator can be downloaded here.

Director S.S. Wilson with Award.

Tremors 2: Aftershocks goes Platinum!

Tremors 2 director S.S. Wilson just recieved this ITA award when the Tremors 2 video went "platinum," which in the video universe means it sold over 50,000 copies. The latest reports show that It has actually sold far more than that and It probably approaching double platinum by now.

Tremors Director interview on America Online

Tremors Director S.S. Wilson was a featured guest on America Online Critic's Choice (AOL:CRITIC) on May 3, 1996

Read the transcript of this interview

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