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March 1 1990 – Perfection, Nevada

graboidUnidentified underground creatures consume livestock and the human residents in the town and surrounding valley.

The blind, worm-like animals travel effortlessly through the Pleistocene alluvial soil, tracking prey by means of sonic vibration.

Townspeople terminate the creatures with crude homemade weapons. Existing specimens badly damaged and decomposed. No living animals found for study.

Creatures become widely known as Graboids.

May 11 1995 – Petromaya Oil Field Chiapas, Mexico

Graboids appear in the oil field. Company employees are consumed and oil production is interrupted.

Desperate oil company executives hire survivors from the 1985 Graboid attack to track down Shriekersand kill the Mexican Graboids.

On site Geologist Kate White reports Graboids are extremely ancient earth life form.

Before all Graboids can be eliminated they undergo a highly unusual metamorphosis sub-divding into smaller bipedal surface creatures. Technically blind like the Graboids, these creatures nevertheless efficiently track their prey by sensing heat. Some humans survived by devising methods to disguise their body heat, including using cold blasts from a CO2 fire extinguisher.

These new creatures become known as Shriekers due to the piercing cry they make when sensing prey.

Shriekers are reported to be hermaphrodites, reproducing by regurgitating an offspring immediately after the consumption of a meal. This has not been confirmed.

Note: If Shrieker reproductive rates are shown to be directly proportional to available food supply, a Shrieker “population explosion” is a potential threat.

According to survivor Burt Gummer, all Chiapas Mexico Shriekers were eliminated by use of an “appropriate” amount of high explosives. All remains badly damaged and decomposed. No living animals found for study.

August 5 2001 – Location: El Chaco, Argentina

Burt GummerGraboids appear in remote area.

Radical Graboid hunter Burt Gummer, survivor of both previous Graboid attacks hired by Argentine government to deal with the situation.

According to Gummer, Graboids had already changed into Shriekers before his arrival. Gummer slaughters over a hundred Shriekers with an antiaircraft gun.

All remains badly damaged and decomposed. No living animals found for study.

October 11, 2001 – Perfection Nevada

Graboids reappear in the town of perfection just after former resident Melvin Plug started attempting to buyout local residents to turn the entire town into a housing project called Perfection Valley Ranchettes.Burt Gummer and the rest of the town rally to destroy the new hoard of creatures but the United States Department of the Interior steps in and orders a Graboid to be captured alive. assblaster

Before they can capture a Graboid alive the creatures turn into Shriekers and then again into flying creatures that propel themselves into the air using a chemical reaction generated in their abdomen (tail).

Another unusual development in this outbreak is that one Graboid was born an albino and seems incapable of metamorphosing into a Shrieker. This great white Graboid becomes knows to the townspeople as El Blanco.

El Blanco is left alive and the United States Department of the Interior deems Perfection Valley a protected area preventing Melvin Plug from developing his Perfection Valley Ranchettes.

Now the people of Perfection are living with a graboid and who knows what else will come there way…


Tremors Miniature Graboid 25th Anniversary

Part 1

It’s been 25 years since TREMORS was released in theatres. In that time, it found its audience, spawned three sequels and a television series… all from a little monster movie that was not even considered a success back in 1990.

Part 2

Seemingly creatures unto themselves for the first act of TREMORS, the snake-like graboid “tongues” were mostly independent puppets for much of the filming. Looking like heavy duty vacuum hoses under their foam latex skin, the tongues were cable operated and used extensively throughout the film. Co-writer S.S. Wilson and director Ron Underwood even helped out on the reverse photography tests!

Part 3

The 25th anniversary of TREMORS continues. Part 3 features the work put into fabricating the full-size graboids–from early movement tests to final paint. You’ll dig it! Also be sure to check out for information on the TREMORS 25TH ANNIVERSARY CAST & CREW

Part 4

Travel back to late spring of 1989 as Alec and Tom and the ADI set crew arrive in Lone Pine, California with the full-size graboids. In addition to getting the monsters ready, it didn’t take long for the shenanigans to begin. Check out for information on TREMORS CAST & CREW REUNION

Part 5

Part 5 is a journey in stills featuring construction and filming of the smaller-scale graboids ADI built for TREMORS (not to mention a very special look back into the fashion of shorts)

Part 6

The last segment of the TREMORS 25th Anniversary series features the 1/4 scale miniature graboid in more detail–from mechanical skeleton construction to painting the foam latex skin and tests of the puppeteering controls, all leading to final photography.

Michael Gross Receiving Best Act Award for Tremors 3

Michael Gross accepting the Best Actor award for his roll in Tremors 3: Back to perfection. This award was presented at the DVD Exclusive Awards in 2001.

Michael Gross wins Best Actor for Tremors 3!
Michael’s Acceptance Speech
Michael Gross wins Best Actor for Tremors 3!
Michael and his wife at the awards


At the Video Premiere Awards show October 23rd. 2001, Tremors 3 star Michael Gross was presented with the Best Actor award for DVD and VHS film release.

The “Father” of Short Circuit

A group of filmmakers recently came to our attention when they requested an interview with Stampede’s S. S. Wilson. They were making a documentary on famed robot Number Five, star of Short Circuit and Short Circuit II. But the whole course of their research was changed by new information they found. They claim to have uncovered a decades-old robot which was the inspiration for the Number Five character.

Part 1

Part 2

Graboid Turn Sequence

This is an early computer generated (CG) graboid created by CG effects house Himani productions. It was created in this spinning form so that we could study it from all angles to make sure that we had the proportions right before going to the next steps of “painting” putting on the skin texture. This was the first time a graboid was ever built in computer form. In Tremors 1 and Tremors 2, graboids were created solely with full-sized puppets and ¼ scale miniatures.